Collateral attractions: If you missed Graham McTavish’s Twitter Q & A

It looks like the answers are posted on his FB page. I definitely learned some stuff I did not know!

~ by Servetus on June 9, 2014.

9 Responses to “Collateral attractions: If you missed Graham McTavish’s Twitter Q & A”

  1. He’s so nice to his fans. That was fun.


    • and he picked really good questions to answer, I have to say. Not like this Hobbit marketing stuff with Armitage, where it’s essentially the same 10 questions all the time. I really got a sense of him as an artistic personality from his answers.


      • That’s interesting. So how does Graham strike you as an artistic personality?


        • way more eclectic than I’d realized. He’s such a big physical presence, but he referred to doing comedy, silly voices, writing novels, dabbling with painting and art, comic book fan, admires Diana Rigg, thoughts on fashion, but maybe the violent character was one of his favorites? Obviously a personality that doesn’t fit very easily into a box.


          • Seems to me that one of the drawbacks of being a big, tough-looking guy in a country where toughness is the defining characteristic of manhood, is that you’re not really allowed to be anything BUT that. It takes a special kind of strength to defy expectations and embrace one’s softer side. And in many of his roles, he plays with those expectations of manhood. He’s interesting.


            • I confess that I haven’t seen him in anything else. The stuff that’s on the web all looks so brutal and as a shallow viewer, I have no interest in Rambo, Russian mafiosi, and something that looked like a tortured religious prisoner or something (something else I saw out of the corner of my eye briefly and turned off). As you say, not his fault, if you’re a big tough-looking guy (and boy is he ever) one is likely to be typecast. I’ll probably try to watch at least the beginning of Outlander. I know he’s been in plays, though, and that’s the kind of stuff i wish I could see him in.


              • Okay, well, in some of his roles he gets to show more than just the basic bad-guy character. A few of his roles.
                He was in an episode of Pushing Daisies — he was funny in that one. And I liked him as the cop in an episode of Rosemary & Thyme (I was kind of hoping he’d be a recurring police boyfriend in that series, but no such luck).
                But you’re right, there’s a preponderance of baddies.


  2. He’s a charmer, a lovely guy, but unfortunately as most actors he’s cast according to his physical type rather than his inner self and his personal interests, or even real life personality. But as he said, he tries to find the interesting part of his characters, even if not in the script. They have to live with the reality of their profession, and probably glad they have a job! That reminds me of what RA has said of some of his characters too, finding the interest in the character, even if not in the script. I’ve seen Graham a few times in Rosemary & Thyme role too and keep an eye out for old UK TV series he might have been in.


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