An only tangentially Armitage lunch: or, reminders of joy

unnamed5Today I finally got together with my local Armitage bestie for lunch and to try a new restaurant in town, an Indonesian buffet. (Oooh, exotic for us! My favorite dish was the green papaya stew.) One thing led to another and lunch and coffee afterwards took four hours! We caught up on some stuff, although we didn’t have time for everything. And no, we didn’t spend the whole time talking about Richard Armitage. Maybe a half hour or forty minutes, but we both had so much other stuff to chew over and vent about. And giggle and guffaw about. I was really giddy at the beginning of lunch — the feeling of freedom is finally beginning to set in. We did spend a lot of our Armitage time on discussing the new poster. Man. Man. Man.

(We approved.)

I don’t usually travel with devices, but bestie does, and twice during the afternoon, she pulled out her iPad to explain or clarify something. She has Guylty’s favorite picture of Richard Armitage from Berlin as her wallpaper, and it’s just the kind of thing that automatically brings a grin to one’s face. If Armitage is smiling, the Armitage fangirls smile with him. The second time we realized how long we had both been off the net, so she clicked on to tumblr to look at her feed, and there we saw a few more beautiful Armitage pictures and both giggled a little bit and smiled. Bestie likes him in red. Well, we both like him in almost everything.

Goo, goo, goo.

It continues to be both odd and awesome, this automatic smile that the sight of a picture of Richard Armitage brings to my face, though I’m grateful that I’m not alone and it’s priceless to be able to spend time with someone else who has the same reaction. Everything about those glimpses make me feel energetic, hopeful, happy, and confident that the world is a pleasant place. It’s the kind of five-second shot that fortifies one for the entire day. Yeah, I know it’s repetitive. But I continue to think there’s nothing wrong with repetitive happiness!

~ by Servetus on June 13, 2014.

17 Responses to “An only tangentially Armitage lunch: or, reminders of joy”

  1. Pictures of Richard can do so much for so many people. I am always amazed that I can have a migraine but be looking at pictures of Richard and forget yes forget I have one till I shut down my computer. Some great background music helps to set up those pictures too.


  2. Serv, I agree, agree,agree!!!!!!! There is definitly a special magic in his Berlin-smile. When I’m looking at these pictures I’m ALWAYS melting away……
    It’s unfassbar, wie mir das in die Glieder fährt. (Although he looks a little bit like my younger brother , it’s weird) Wow! It’s so much better than the promo-pictures.


  3. I already had been wondering whether the two of you had met up yet. It seems almost providential that it happened on a day when an new image hit the fangirl feels ggg.
    The power of the photograph. Irresistible. Maybe there is something to Barthes’ theory of the “touch”. I had a similar thing with a photograph yesterday that was taken by and that I had received from a fellow fan. I simply couldn’t look away from it. How simple is the fangirl mind ggg


  4. So happy for you Serv it sounded like a great time. My Armitage bestie returns from Germany next Friday can’t wait to show her the new photos from The Crucible. Keep up the lunches I find that they are good for the soul.


  5. Great time !
    Indonesian food is delicious, btw….


  6. Das Berlin-Foto ist süß, kannte ich bisher nicht, danke dafür 😉 ich mag sehr gerne das Thorin Bild mit der Lego-Figur, die bringt mich immer zum lachen und macht gute Laune :-).

    I like the photo of RA as Thorin with the Lego figure of Thorin, I have to smile every time I see it 🙂


  7. I’m always happy to hear that fellow fans join up with each other, and are (finally) able to let go of their gushing passion about a certain specimen of a man (among all the other topics that are interesting and worthwile to talk about!)…. Pictures… Ja, sometimes they feel like a lifeline running through our days.
    Sounds as if you really had a great time. 😀


  8. We did have a great time. there are enough fans in WI now that maybe we’ll have to have a Badger Armitage Meetup or something …


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