How will you be cruel when you are John Proctor, Richard Armitage?

10455122_10151896379157185_368617295394474440_nRichard Armitage in rehearsal for The Crucible, Summer 2014. Source: Old Vic Theatre on FB.


~ by Servetus on June 18, 2014.

10 Responses to “How will you be cruel when you are John Proctor, Richard Armitage?”

  1. GO. TO. LONDON. 😀


  2. There may never be a right time.


    • That’s possible.

      I posted that because I thought it was funny. Not because I wanted to be talked into it. I apologize for creating a misunderstanding.


  3. I think he will make a fantastic Proctor. This role is so in his wheelhouse the sinner looking for redemption.


  4. Not sure, whether we are truly ready to face a real cruel John Proctor by Richard Armitage! ??


    • there was some text in this post originally but it seems to be gone and I don’t feel like rewriting it — but yeah, I was wondering what kind of cruel this is going to be. We haven’t seen that from him — Guy of Gisborne was comic book cruel and we were supposed to see it that way; Lucas was only cruel as John Bateman, which was also an alter ego kind of thing; Porter’s cruelty was always just a means to an end. I don’t know if we’ve seen true emotional cruelty from him before.


  5. Yeah, you’re right. True emotional cruelty makes me cringe. Nothing to look forward to. Still hesitate to read the play (all the way) through, therefore will go more for the surprises.
    In the Eighties (when I was young and eager! LOL) I’ve seen a play, which was a real physical and psychical challenge for me to watch. These were the times of theatre scandals and provoking the audiences. Quite a lot of visitors had already left the perfomance, but I just felt not able to do the same (due to various reasons). Years later, when one of the actors from that production (the one who was constantly screaming for more the 2 hours!!) got an engagement at “my” theatre, it was a real relief to take the chance to tell him, how much he had tortured me during that performance. We finally shared a good laugh, but I will definitely never forget that especially „grim evening“ (and oh boy, I’ve seen a LOT of theatre!).
    Just saying, hopefully there is no need for consolation, if and when Mr. A. as J. Proctor displays „his“ cruel side…. 🙂


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