Richard Armitage nape curl wannabes

I always think it’s funny, the details we’re drawn to in any picture, and worth reflecting on. Sometimes it’s the hands — for me, as is well known, it’s frequently the thumb. But the closeup I wanted this time was a different one. I finally have my Richard Armitage full beard — but what is going on there, on the Armitage neckline? His hair is cut so short, but nonetheless the line looks ragged. I’ve discussed this question before.

It’s those curls, wanting to find their way out!



They wanna be this:

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 11.29.46 PM

but they are just too short … at least for now …

~ by Servetus on June 20, 2014.

19 Responses to “Richard Armitage nape curl wannabes”

  1. Nape curls, hmmmm 😉


  2. I’m betting on cowlick, myself, though he might just need a haircut. Hair that short tends to grow and get a bit messy pretty quickly, and it does look a bit longer there than it does in the promo pics.


    • I thought it was interesting in SB that he always had the shortest version of the haircut in back — I researched it a little, and it turns out that the rules about the UK military haircut are much more flexible than the US military — I thought it was a statement about his character on some level. But in the Lucas pics as well you can see around his sideburns that he’s had a fairly precise haircut but that the ends are just not cooperating. He does have a little squidge on his rear hairline but it’s not quite on the side like that.


  3. I tag all the photos from “The World’s End” Premier as “Resistance is Futile”. Do I need to elaborate? If I can stop drooling, I can.


  4. Someone could write a book, ” The little nape curl that could”,he never gives up trying to escape the confines of a short haircut. One day, after growing just a little bit every day, he is finally long enough to spring forth, a fully formed nape curl beloved by fangirls everywhere. The moral of the story, never give up growing.


  5. Your analyses always weakens me ( Deine Analysen machen mich weich !)
    The perfect Wechselbad between high-end intellectual interpretations and merely languishing pictures. Hot’n’Cold 😀


    • well, I could joke, but that was part of the purpose of the blog — to fit in everything about me. Yes, I look at the world from this rather detached, intellectual perspective but I also look at his neck hair and want to swoon. It’s all me (and I’m learning to be okay with that).


  6. Samantha’s warm breath on the back of his neck is just adding to the curling tendency! 😉 Makes me shiver to think of it!!


  7. Oh, that little sprout…just waiting to be long enough to be a big curl. Yep, huge fan of the nape curl!


  8. Those are some lovely waves in that second pic lol 🙂


  9. Those curls are there, just need a little more hair so they can curl.


    • LOL, my words, Katie! We had those lovely curls aplenty last summer, autemn and winter. Sigh…
      Still, no real complaints about his shorter hair. 🙄 (Phew!) Yes, I love his head with all kind of hair lenghts.


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