Am I committed to liveblogging the entire run of The Crucible?

102 more performances? Richard Armitage & Co. will do this 102 more times, but will Servetus?

Om, no. For a few reasons — one is that it’s basically six hours shot in the middle of the day (and the matinees will double that). Right now, I’m supposed to be straightening out the situation with my dad’s house, which involves a lot of errand running. And bye and bye, I will have a job, and I hope one that allows me to work during the day, as I prefer to write in the evenings. On the whole, I just don’t like being tied to my computer if I have something I’d rather do. The site is called “me + richard armitage” and if I liveblog every day, the other things that are going on in my life will fall by the wayside. The Crucible is really important for Richard Armitage, but there are other things I’d like to write about him, too, and I don’t want to wait until mid-September to work on that project.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be looking — I definitely will! — and as per my usual MO, I’ll post anything here that tickles my fantasy or moves me. Highlights will appear regularly. I’ll definitely be around for press night and anything else that seems noteworthy (August 22nd?).

I really appreciate all the kind words about the posting I’ve been doing — commentators are, as always, great. I just wouldn’t want anyone to rely on me for a complete documentation that I have no capacity to provide. There is at least one site that is trying to link to everything and here’s another that is reblogging a lot of stuff. I don’t know how long this will last, because another reason I’m not going to do this every day is because the adrenaline jolt is tiring. I assume that sites will vary over time in their coverage of stuff, and if I notice a new site, I’ll let you know because I’ll be following it, too. This is why I’ve been posting tips for how to find your own information if you want to watch in real time. If you want a more detailed tutorial, let me know and I will try to put one together. I wrote a basic one, a while back, which you can find here. For anything suggested there, you should widen the search terms from “richard armitage” to “the crucible” as well.

~ by Servetus on June 24, 2014.

18 Responses to “Am I committed to liveblogging the entire run of The Crucible?”

  1. I really understand! Being on the computer just reading everything takes up a huge part of the day. Things don’t get done. But, it’s so addicting and I’m afraid I will miss something. I often wonder just what I did before discovering Richard 5 years ago. All your hard work is greatly appreciated!


  2. Serv, I have totally enjoyed what you’ve done thus far but in no way was I expecting you to do it for every performance. I mean, you do have a life outside of RA, just as I do and you are going through a transitional phase and that requires time and attention.

    Right now things are slower for me because we are waiting on soundtracks to be able to work on the dance recital footage. And I have to give the damaged nerve in my wrist rest breaks. But for a while there I was really sporadic with my Armitaging (and happy to be busy with the video production company!!). I am just thrilled something so positive and well-received is happening in RA’s professional life and may it continue!!


    • yeah, very thrilling to watch. Even when every single detail isn’t euphoric, he’s getting some attention!


  3. just thankyou for all your posts and I for one am always staggered at the amount of time and dedication you give .What ever you post is a joy ,I for one did not expect a day to day running commentary from you ,( oh my word , imagine how much time that would take !! )
    so thanks for the heads up and …thankyou sweetie .xx


    • I figure when it gets to the point that he should be paying me to be his publicist, that’s the point at which it has to stop. It’s a lot of fun watching the Net to see him pop up but I can’t spend the whole day on it.


  4. Weise Entscheidung. Du hast vollkommen recht! Das Tempo war unglaublich und ich hatte das Gefühl irgendwie in eine Außenstelle von Reuters (Bereich RA/Crucible) geraten zu sein :-). Dann habe ich morgens auch nicht mehr den Stress, noch vor dem Frühstück alles aufzuholen, was du während meiner Nachtruhe geackert hast. Ist ganz gut, wenn sich alles wieder ein wenig “normalisiert “. Außerdem kommt dieses Jahr ja noch einiges. Also, teil dir deine Kräfte ein 🙂


    • yeah, this is only the beginning of things for the year. I also imagine that we’ll get some news about what he’ll be doing after mid-September that will send people into a tizzy — and there are things (Hamlet) I’m not even done reflecting on the first time.


  5. Thanks for all the info you’ve provided so far and for the link from the previous blog. I was planning to review it again since there’s so much going on now with Mr. Armitage.


  6. Many thanks for your attention to detail and the time you spend on bringing it all to us.


  7. I could not imagine that you would cover all the appearing tweets following the upcoming performances over the next 3 months! That would be sheer madness!! Indeed most tiring, as there would be loads of repititions. I’m full of confidence that you will deliver us the noteworthy incidents and also some outstanding comments.
    Thought it to be a good idea to buy another ticket for the 22nd August. Not a clue if there’s going to be, let’s say, a Geburtstagsständchen (birthday serenade?). Even though we know he’s not all to keen about celebrating his birthday and prefers to work. 😉 This present he will have!!


    • yeah, I think interest is going to fall in showers of tweets that say essentially “It was great!” or “I hated it.”

      It would be fun to be there on the 22nd. More fun for a fan than for him, though, I suspect. But I learned in Germany, actually, that one celebrates one’s birthday at least in part on behalf of one’s long-suffering friends.


  8. Thank you for keeping us to date with everything and for all the hard work you put in for the rest of us.

    I hope all is going ok at home.


  9. Herzlichen Dank für die tolle Berichterstattung, wir konnten wirklich jedes Detail auf Deinem Blog mitverfolgen, aber irgendwann ist es zuviel, man/frau ist überfrachtet und ich merke, die vielen Fotos schaue ich mir gar nicht mehr alle an. Es gibt bestimmt die ein oder andere Berichterstattung die außergewöhnlich ist und die wir bestimmt bei Dir lesen können, aber Du musst bestimmt nicht alle 102 Vorstellungen für uns aufbereiten 😉
    Toller Job, ganz lieben Dank nochmal !!!!


  10. Thanks for all the kind comments.


  11. […] and it repeats itself at a predictable time every day for anyone who wants to tune in. I thought I wasn’t liveblogging this entire thing, and I’m not. Still, it’s a really wonderful demonstration of solidarity around shared […]


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