Richard Armitage, The Crucible and Dramatic Impact

Ancient Armitage

From The Old Vic From The Old Vic

I’ve been wanting to talk about the connections between Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Greek tragedy (and they are legion) but I very often shy away from blogging about the hard core literary side of the classical tradition.  It’s not that I’m not interested in it, but that in the past, I’ve felt out of my depth in such conversations with colleagues. Part of it has to do with the specific path of study of Classical Archaeologists versus that of Classicists.  I’ve studied both ancient Greek and Latin, being required to exhibit proficiency in both.  However, while my classicist colleagues went on to hone their language skills, I was learning to triangulate a point in three dimensions with a plumb bob (prior to GPS locating) to accurately map field discoveries.   I’ve read a large amount of Greek literature both in Greek and in translation, but…

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~ by Servetus on June 24, 2014.

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