Charlotte Hawkins’ Guy of Gisborne novel, “The Tempest,” appears in second edition

TempestCoverPreview2Many inspiring stories of creativity have their origins in the inspiration people find in the work of Richard Armitage and in the strength they draw from the ties they make in the fandom. Writers just seem to spring out of our ranks. I’ve done interviews with Prue Batten and Kate Forrester; in the ranks of the legacy fans are Rosy Thornton and Philippa Ashley, and no doubt I’ve forgotten to mention someone else, and there are many more whom I don’t know. In any case — I’ve just had news of another one of them!

indexCharlotte Hawkins was one of the people who welcomed me to the circle over four years ago now. When I met her, she was an aspiring author and a writer of fanfic, and we eagerly waited each week for the updates of her stories.

Since then, she’s written three novels about Guy of Gisborne, a character inspired by Richard Armitage but which she’s developed and filled in based on her own interest in the tales of Guy of Gisborne: The Tempest (my review here) and My Lady Gisborne (my review here) and The Baron’s Lady.

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 10.02.02 PMThe original version of The Tempest sold over 30,000 copies in ebook format, the other two novels have been just as successful, and now she has revised it.

Charlotte reflects on the development and criticisms of the novel on her goodreads blog, where she shares her reasons for revisions as well as details of how you can get a copy and maybe even a free copy in the future.

Check it out!

~ by Servetus on June 25, 2014.

5 Responses to “Charlotte Hawkins’ Guy of Gisborne novel, “The Tempest,” appears in second edition”

  1. Hooray for Charlotte! 😀 A talented writer and an absolute sweetheart.


  2. Was für ein anregender Schmachtfetzen! Danke für den Tip und die Buchbesprechung. Ich fand die Reaktionen deiner Mutter göttlich 🙂


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