For Guylty — “Friendship is a light in dark times”

[This post will remain on top until memorial donations end. Scroll down the blog for newer posts about Richard Armitage.]

Guylty Pleasure is a great name for a partner in crime, and when I invited her to become a guest blogger, I figured that was what she’d be — a collaborator in the deep kind of analysis and someone who’d teach me about looking at pictures.

Little did I know that when you invite someone into the bowels of your blog, you also invite them into a much more personal relationship with yourself and your own experience of fandom. Conversations I never anticipated followed from getting to read her *ooof* articles, as well as exchanges that supported me in so many ways. Guylty was a true light to me all last year while things were at their worst, and I know that she is a light to many of us with her funny posts about her RAPS crafting, and other things. And she has certainly improved our picture-taking!



The Richard Armitage character Guylty named herself after. Aaah.


As many readers already know, Guylty’s father died last week. Many of us have left expressions of sympathy, which is the most important thing we can do for each other.

For anyone who would like to make a commemorative donation to continue to extend our gratitude for Guylty’s presence, Obscura has started a donation campaign in memory of her father. You can read about the details at her blog. The spReAd the love campaigners have also agreed to count any donation made in memory of Guylty’s father as a kindness for a matching donation. If you don’t have the wherewithal to donate at the moment, consider doing a kindness in honor of Guylty and report it for the match.

Donations will be open for about a week and I will leave this post at the top of my blog while they are being collected. Thanks in advance for leaving Guylty a supportive message and for your support of Guylty and the attempts of the fandom to spReAd kindness, love, and positivity within our ranks.

Again, details are here!

~ by Servetus on June 29, 2014.

10 Responses to “For Guylty — “Friendship is a light in dark times””

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the donations, Servetus. Very good idea.


  2. Reblogged this on the armitage effect and commented:
    Wonderful blogger and friend Guylty has lost her father quite suddenly. Here are some ways we can honor her daddy’s memory, y’all, whether through a Just Giving donation or a kindness to others. No well wisher is an island . . .


  3. Guylty has been a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration and fun for me through some rough times as well. This is a great idea. I’ve also reblogged at TAE.


  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Guylty’s loss … I’m sure you’ve told her that we are thinking about, and praying for, her. BTW great idea regarding donating to Richard’s charities.


  5. It’s way too late to acknowledge this blog post, but at least for posterity – I did and do feel very grateful for the sympathy that has been expressed through this post, the reblogs, the donations and the comments and mails I received.
    You speak about “a true light”, and I can only say that your blog has been the same for me, even in times that were not darkened by sadness. Apart from fostering a bond between you and me it has also been my launching point into the community, and your support and completely self-less promotion of me has always astonished me and made me happy. To welcome me so unequivocally into a well-established portal that has reader expectations to sustain, was quite brave :-D. I have learned so much here, continuing to do so, actually, and the pleasure of it all never seems to wear off, it only gets better and better. So thank you for your kind words and the support, on and off blog! x


  6. Ich hab’ zu danken. Echt. Laß es nur weiter so gehen.


  7. […] of you also very generously showed your compassion by donating to one of Richard’s charities, organised by Obscura and Servetus, as well as donating to the local history society that my mother and I had named as a recipient for […]


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