Time to write some actual prose about Richard Armitage, I think

tumblr_n8afpb60jk1qik4d9o1_r1_500 [Left: Richard Armitage as John Proctor in The Crucible, Old Vic Theater, June 26, 2014.]

There has just been so much good stuff lately that when I open my media library to pick a favorite recent photo to look at, I can’t even decide which one it might be. So many choices from so many projects: Hamlet, Urban and the Shed Crew, Into the Storm, The Hobbit, The Crucible and a ton of interview and appearances as part of various promotions. If I can’t keep up with it all I wonder how Richard Armitage does. Well, I suppose he takes it day by day or even minute by minute or, like Gary Morris Fuller, second by second. Or maybe he has a bookkeeper following him around.

When you’re having trouble writing, all the advice says, you’re supposed to just sit down and free associate, so here’s a bit of that, I guess. I feel like I’m not writing enough right now — particularly in comparison to the amount of time I spend documenting the Armitage’s career. All the things I’ve started to write and not finished are weighing on me, but every afternoon I fall into this hole of observing the events from afar and enjoying every little detail. I know that this is total escapism because I am mustering out mom’s kitchen at the moment and it’s all too tempting to pause, after sorting through twelve spatulas, each of which I associate a memory with, and dash over to the laptop and see what’s happening and just get stuck there for a while, enjoying the euphoria. On the other hand, I’ve always felt that information about Armitage comes just in time for when I need it — so if this is going to be a particularly intense summer for Richard Armitage, with lots of press coverage, then maybe on some level I need to experience that. And, as I keep reminding myself, there’s no reason not to experience it. It’s delightful. May he keep wearing those shirts with the little checks in them; they are wonderful for my fantasy life.

The Crucible - After Party[Right: Richard Armitage, The Crucible press night afterparty, July 3, 2014.]

As is the persistence of the beard, which I assume will end quite promptly when the show closes in September. But it will have been a fantastic summer — with candids of it appearing nightly. Then again, will ever I write the second part of my Hamlet analysis? (Doubtful, if I don’t relisten to it.) Will I get back to the position of Guy of Gisborne in Armitage’s oeuvre? That’s more likely, at least I have a draft of that and there was a sort of direction there. I’ve got a lot more material for analysis of fan selfies now. Maybe I should start there, since I am enjoying these pictures so much. I wanted to finish the Strike Back series about status games as well, two more posts of that left. And I’ve finally got some TDOS footage so I can start writing about that some more … Someone reminded me the other day there are least two more things I should write about the significance of The Crucible. I left off with the interpretive biography in 2004 and there’s so much more data now.

It’s been that kind of year, really, struggling to stay on target with everything. Then again, Richard Armitage — YOU ARE NOT HELPING! STOP IT ALREADY WITH THE CAREER SUCCESS! (just kidding). Oh, yeah, — there are new interviews to talk about.

Of Armitaging there is no end.

~ by Servetus on July 8, 2014.

7 Responses to “Time to write some actual prose about Richard Armitage, I think”

  1. Oh my goodness, you have a full plate! This is turning into an awesome Armitage summer for sure and I am looking forward to reading all that you are working on, if I am lucky enough you are sharing with us.


  2. That is also my favourite Crucible pic, that roar full of sound and fury. I would like so much to see that play, I guess that it should be a mystical experience. But what cannot be cannot be and moreover is impossible.
    I guess his own PA is not as busy as you 😉
    Thank you for your patient collection of material. It’s priceless for lazy ones as me. 😉


  3. I thank you for keeping me up to date in my own Armitaging. I fully understand the unfinished blog posts, since I have the same problem.
    Here’s hoping your summer goes well– with lots of happy distractions but also time for you to catch your muse.


  4. Yay! Please ,don’t leave too much ” in the drawer” 🙂


  5. I love your prose, but seriously, is it really the time for prose (or to feel guilty about not producing enough of it ) when so much is going on every day? Eventually there will be RA dry spells, hopefully of extremely short duration, and your prose will flow beautifully like Miller’s words from Richard’s mouth. But for now, immersion in fan encounters and all collateral delights that are bombarding us daily are too tempting to shove aside for prose. Please enjoy the euphoria, and how amazing that it’s there when you need it. Besides, I love all the tidbits you are passing along and I don’t want you to stop, not even for your fabulous prose. I am being selfish. I admit it. Maybe you can squeeze in a little bit here and there. But only if you feel like it, not because you think you should. The fan selfies analysis sounds promising, because they are multiplying so rapidly and they are infectiously joyous.

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