A Richard Armitage nightcap, please?

I got my Monday morning Richard Armitage photos to jazz me up and now I think about that last little bit of the day before going to bed. Somehow I want it to be filled with sweetness, for sweet dreams.

Hit play.

The New York Times tells us that a nightcap should be special — whisky, cognac, brandy, or an especially intense brown liqueur. And not just one more of what you’ve already been drinking. Hard to find just the right thing, when you’ve been drinking in Richard Armitage all day.

What I’d put in my Armitage nightcap tonight?

Three parts contemplative, silent, watchful profiles:


All night, all day, Armitage watchin’ over me oh Lord …

One part of the biggest combination of smile / giggle / laugh I can find —


and just a touch of strong, quiet, soothing, caring hands.


OK — and since it’s supposed to be brown — well, then, maybe just a little of this — floated over top of it all like a layer of cream:

The Crucible - After Party

What would you put in your Armitage nightcap?

Sleep and wake well, Armitageworld.

~ by Servetus on July 15, 2014.

4 Responses to “A Richard Armitage nightcap, please?”

  1. That black and white photo is so impossibly gorgeous


  2. My very special nightcap since last friday: a photo with a wonderful beardy man, with a dark jacket and grey shirt standing beside me, who looks friendly straight in the camera hold by my daughter. Sweet dreams guaranteed 😀


  3. Gazing at one of my signed photos of a wonderful, lovely man and a fragrant snifter of Drambuie, one of my personal favorites.


  4. Mmmm. enjoying all the nightcaps.


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