Richard Armitage detail from Hobbit blooper roll shown at Comic Con

I hope this makes it into an EE some time.

~ by Servetus on July 26, 2014.

15 Responses to “Richard Armitage detail from Hobbit blooper roll shown at Comic Con”

  1. I need to see this footage immediately.


  2. let me know if you need a reference. You can list my name, lol.


  3. I am a bad fan girl, I could not stay in line the 15 plus hours required to get into Hall H, and be even partially functional. I did run into George R.R. Martin in the Hobbit display (yes, IN, it is a big as a house). He resembles a derelict Sana Claus. But he is very accessible and seems to be a friendly sort. I did not trust myself to speak to him for fear of chastising him for his meager literary output in the last three years. Sorry, off topic, I would have loved to see the “key” scene.


    • It was more like 30 hours, from what I heard. They closed the line when it got to 10,000, which was before midnight last night (according to the TORn folks). You’d have to be very committed to do that to yourself and it’s totally understandable that people wouldn’t.


      • I thought I might be underestimating wait time. Wow, I would never do that, Well. maybe if Richard was going to be there and I was 30 years younger and I had a seat in the front row.


        • Part of why that happens is they put all of these WB projects together, no? That’s what generates the huge line — and that is what they want, that kind of “have to see it, everyone wants to see it, exclusive,” effect. But I’m not sure I’d have done that even when I was a teen if I hadn’t known ahead of time what was on offer. The blooper reel was a total wildcard … and again, the kind of thing that keeps people standing in line hoping for something neat. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I dislike feeling that I am being manipulated. In any case, I think now we have all of the data anyway, less than 24 hours later, except the trailer and bloopers and montage film.


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