Good morning, Richard Armitage!

I knew I’d be able to see this when I woke up and I looked at it first thing. Lookin’ good! Here’s to a great day!


Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 10.10.30 AM


Here’s a youtube of it. Thanks, Herba!

~ by Servetus on August 1, 2014.

12 Responses to “Good morning, Richard Armitage!”

  1. He looks so lovely! It definitely brightened up my day. Thanks for posting it.


  2. He looks great. At first I didn’t know where this was coming from as I just went straight to video but hearing the reporter’s pronunciation of genuinely and then the “about” I figured it was Canada. Great little interview really and Richard looks fantastic.


  3. It’s like he dressed up specifically for my country. Although he has to know Canada is more than either Montreal or Toronto. Soon, please make it soon, like a movie in Winnipeg soon.


  4. I hope he keeps the shirt and tie for today’s stage door


  5. Definitely a great way to start my day, especially as I had forgotten this interview was coming up, so it was a lovely surprise. He’s mouth-wateringly gorgeous as usual.


    • and now there’s another Canadian tv interview, next Tuesday. I wonder why all Canada all the time but I am not complaining.


  6. He looks wonderful, and black under grey is always a nice combination – dressy but not to formal. I noticed that he refer to his character as Gary Morris rather than the new name of Fuller.


  7. Lovely shirt and tie combo. And either the make up artist worked wonders or he got a good nights sleep because he looked a lot less tired than we have seen him lately.

    My other thought is that he manages these interviews so well. His answers were so thoughtful and interesting. I was somewhat irritated when she asked how he felt about doing an American accent- although it is something we have speculated about, I wondered what her objective was. But he handled it both diplomatically and with characteristic modesty – score 1 to Armitage!


    • I suspect it wasn’t super early morning for him because the interviewer was 5-6 hours behind London.

      Maybe she asked that because she did research and knew that fans have wondered about it. that happens.


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