Armitage sparkling, or: The Crucibubble wins the drink naming contest

This is what it looks like when Richard Armitage autographs a wine bottle in gold sharpie. Source. Drink it at the Old Vic Pit Bar beginning immediately.


~ by Servetus on August 6, 2014.

16 Responses to “Armitage sparkling, or: The Crucibubble wins the drink naming contest”

  1. Wow. He’s really made an effort with that. No comparison to the scribble on Pop Thorin’s head ggg.
    And a rather flippant name… Wonder who chose that…


    • yes, he was obviously trying. I wonder how they’ll keep the name on the bottle. Seems like it would be likely to come off during opening or pouring.

      winner: someone named Jaime Fisher. I thought Armitage was the person who chose the winner?


      • Well, if it is an Edding type of pen it could be permanent. (Classy colour-match gold… no expense spared…)
        there was confusion over who was going to choose the winner. TOV initially said RA was gonna choose, but the small print said the winner of the tickets would be drawn from a hat iirc.
        (Still annoyed that all these competitions are only open to UK residents. Is that a legal issue, perhaps?)


    • That was my first thought: hey, he can write his name without krickel-krackel. Aber kein Wunder, bei dem edlen Untergrund 🙂


  2. They should have gotten him a paint pen–once it dried, it wouldn’t
    come off.


  3. My son entered with the same suggestion The Crucibubble. Was so excited when I saw the winning name and then so disappointed when i saw someone else had also entered that name.


  4. I wish I could have entered my idea… Maiden Scorn! 🙂


  5. Okay. So not a winner then! 😉


    • I’m not a good judge, I think champagne cocktails are a stupid idea. Buy a really good champagne and drink it straight, that’s my advice 🙂


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