Thorin picking up women? Aussie reviewer gets the best Into the Storm premiere interview so far

~ by Servetus on August 8, 2014.

12 Responses to “Thorin picking up women? Aussie reviewer gets the best Into the Storm premiere interview so far”

  1. Can someone slap that woman, left camera?


  2. Yeah! straight to my favorite!


  3. Well I’ve thought before that the reason RA may not get the offers he’d like is because he does resemble Hugh somewhat. They’re both incredibly handsome gentlemen but with the beard it is really far more noticeable that they look a bit alike. Still they are different men and have different acting careers.


  4. Very entertaining. Thanks for finding it and sharing 🙂


  5. Very entertaining and good to get some different questions being asked although I thought RA was feeling he ought to be talking about ITS but was, of course, too polite to cut across the interviewer and stop him focussing on Thorin and PJ.

    Lol to the HJ mix up- I don’t know if that had occurred to RA until that moment, despite being described elsewhere as a poor mans HJ (grrrrrr….)


    • yeah, not sure why the interviewer was even there if he didn’t want to know about ITS, but whatever. Humorous nonetheless.


  6. 1:48 Marlise photo-bombs Australian dude’s interview while leaning in to hear answer to question about using Thorin to pick up women. Go, Marlise! We thoroughly understand.

    2:02 Don’t miss RA’s micro-expression of disgust/disdain as he moves away from this interviewer (who gets in one last dig at the end with a patronizing “nice fellow” — as if we care what he thinks). I’m attributing RA’s reaction to residual annoyance with ditz “mate” for calling him Hugh Jackman.

    I hope the so-called pros watch the fangirls’ interviews to see how it’s done when you actually know something about your subject and aren’t just chattering to hear yourself talk.

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    • Don’t know who this guy is at all, but thought him funny. I agree Armitage may have found him irritating but he showed those microexpressions more than once during these interviews and not just to the pros.


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