Fellow fans re-energized by Richard Armitage

Kathryn D on her visit to The Crucible.

Xenia on her visit to Into the Storm.

~ by Servetus on August 11, 2014.

5 Responses to “Fellow fans re-energized by Richard Armitage”

  1. Well I went to see Into The Storm as well today. I found it to be pretty much what I expected for a disaster film but to be honest I thought it was better suited to TV. Now that doesn’t mean the acting was bad because it certainly wasn’t. I just don’t think it fit as a blockbuster for theaters. Now that is just my view. There was an audience of maybe 10-15 people in the theater. I do hope it gets better viewing later in the day. I thought Richard did very well as the conservative father somewhat out of touch with his kids and both young men were just great. The cinematography was very well done. When it comes out on DVD I will rent it and watch again I think to focus more on the acting but in the theater I think we all waited for the tornado scenes.


    • I’m skeptical that the effects will look anywhere near as good on a small screen, but I could be wrong.


    • I think the theater is best for this movie. It just needed more “meat” to the storyline. There is lots of missed potential, and like Servetus wrote the special effects are more suited for the movie theater.


  2. I do agree there. The one reason to be in the theater is for the special effects. Few TV shows want to put out the money for these things but basically the story itself was more TV not theater. I really enjoyed Trey. I think Richard did well with his part and I would guess that some will recognize the type from school days. I just didn’t feel that it was the summer blockbuster they were trying to make it. Special effects really stood out and one must respect the fact that many of the actors did their own stunts.


  3. Thanks for the link!


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