Why were no dwarves involved in the brewing of this beer?

Warner Bros. / New Line license Hobbit beers. Note that these are all heavy (10 percent ABV) and all sold only in the 22 oz. bottles. Still, I am totally game for the Bolg Tripel and the Smaug stout, at least.



~ by Servetus on August 15, 2014.

8 Responses to “Why were no dwarves involved in the brewing of this beer?”

  1. Server! One Gollum, please.

    A dwarfish drink would have to be stronger I guess. You know – the ones that come in shorts.


    • dunno — Armitage said the dwarf’s favorite drink would be room temperature ale. I have to look at this article again — a Pilsener with 10%?


      • cough I just couldn’t resist the silly joke with dwarfs and short drinks.

        True, 10 % is too much for a Pilsener. Oh well, things are different in Middle Earth.


  2. Have you seen this picture I took in July? No Hobbits, again. Well, no wonder, it’s non-alcoholic beer… 😀 http://38.media.tumblr.com/040e7255dde7a305dde5fa0c5f4966ba/tumblr_n8d5biNNmW1rug3xvo3_1280.jpg


  3. Ugh – where is my mind these days – no *DWARVES


    • Ja, und wo ist außerdem dein Blog?
      Gut jedenfalls, dich zu sehen – ich habe mir schon Sorgen gemacht.


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