Two fun Armitage / Deacon Into the Storm interviews to give me a Monday smile

At Digital Spy, and RTE (Irish television). I remember Armitage saying (paraphrasing) that U.S. interviewers were very energetic and (by implication) British interviewers were low key — and that’s demonstrated in both these interviews, but I love how the low key questioning piques his sense of humor. Love the deadpan suggestion that they should see what happens if a storm actually hit. Thanks for starting my Monday right, Mr. Armitage!

~ by Servetus on August 18, 2014.

13 Responses to “Two fun Armitage / Deacon Into the Storm interviews to give me a Monday smile”

  1. love, love, love…. *swoon


  2. I like Richard’s deadpan look at Max and then the interviewer after he just got done hamming it up saying it’s hard to believe that he and Max are father and son, and then they claim that it’s not 😀


  3. Love the Irish interview – and no, not because I am pushing my own little country here, but because there is something the Irish always bring out in their interviewees. They put them at ease. Maybe it is because everyone knows the Irish are down-to-earth and not particularly in awe of celebrities. (In Ireland celebrities are ignored, almost denigrated.) Maybe it is because the Irish have a wonderful sense of humour and love pulling the leg. Maybe RA is aware of that? In any case, I found this refreshing because dear Sinead seemed to be less in awe of RA and more into lovely Max. And that makes for an interview where RA can let rip and just fool away. Like he did. Good one.


    • buried in the depths of his early biography is a reference that he’d done work for RTE, although it’s never been clear what. So perhaps he is somewhat famiiiar? 🙂


      • I remember that. “The Den” – which is/used to be a childrens’ programme. The two sockpuppets Zig and Zag were on The Den. Ah, probably only world-famous in Ireland. Anyway, I have tried to research that but never got to the bottom of it…


  4. I just watched them both a couple of times each. As you said, a wonderful way to start the week. I agree that RA is more interesting/entertaining with a low key interviewer.


  5. I really struggle to understand what the Irish interviewer is saying, always had difficulties with the Irish accent… But it was a cute reaction from Richard to the father-and son question! “Hard to believe” I know how you feel Richard- yes, we are THAT old… (I’m the same age as RA).


  6. did anyone notice that Max has caught Richards eyebrow crumbs ?He has to flick them off his eyebrow and cheek …lol…


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