Another MDR report on Armitage

German tv. Thanks again to Na Dine. No interview here, but the talking head states that he’d interviewed Armitage a few weeks earlier in London and that Armitage had said he was happy that he hadn’t become famous at 20 or 25. Also mentions that it is unknown whether Armitage has any big projects plans and says he has the feeling that Armitage is addressing his next projects calmly/unhurriedly, since he’s earned plenty of money from the Hobbit films.

~ by Servetus on August 20, 2014.

11 Responses to “Another MDR report on Armitage”

  1. Brisant ist ein grässliches Klatschformat! Aber wenn es RA erwähnt bin ich gnädig gestimmt!


  2. I feel like it was never about money for him. Just projects he found appealing/fulfilling. Sure he made plenty of money from Hobbit but he’s been doing so many things he’s said he’s always wanted to do recently maybe he wants to take a wee break? who knows


    • He always had to earn his living, though, because he didn’t come from money. And certainly he took roles at the beginning of his career that were about earning money — he’s said that several times, about both Cats and playing in Xmas time pantomimes. Motivation not coming from money is not the same as money being immaterial in decision-making. TH will have freed him (I hope, if he’s investing right) from the worry of what will happen if a longer period without a paycheck comes. But he also has to continue make sure he’s present — you don’t want to risk not working for too long and then people forget what you are. I always hope he will take a vacation, but the only long break we’ve seen in his career is the one after Into the Storm.

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  3. Content aside – I am kind of surprised that a TV gossip format is talking about Armitage at all. He’s not a household name in Germany. How nice to hear Armitage described as a guy who wants to stay down-to-earth, though, and who is taking his time choosing roles carefully. (That kind of assessment appeals to the Germans…)


  4. I agree with Servetus that RA can’t be out-of-circulation for very long.

    I don’t think RA will deliberatly take any break. I believe he knows all too well bcuz of the leans years to make hay while the sun shines. After The Crucible ends on Sept. 12 he’ll have time to do a small project like a cameo before promotion starts for BOFA. That is rest enough. Maybe a long Christmas break but I hope he gets a major TV or film role for the winter-spring 2015 and another role for summer 2015, otherwise we won’t see him on the small or big screen for another year. If he doesn’t work in 2015 he will have nothing out for 2016. That will be two years of no projects which is fine if you are Daniel Day Lewis but he’s not there yet. The triumph of The Crucible should be seized on and translated into another great role. That’s what should happen but who knows what will actually happen.


  5. If he were Daniel Day Lewis or any other big name, he could take a well-deserved longish break. But he’s not there yet, I agree.
    I’m intrigued as to future plans. I hope he gets what he wants. Some believe it’s to do with Star Wars or Spooks, but I’m more thinking in terms of Pinter/Proust – He said he’s kind of already auditioned for it…? I can’t really stand the suspense.


    • Richard III? I don’t think the thing that he’s already auditioned for is the cameo, though. My own guess would be Star Wars. Spooks and Marvel are both in post production. But my guess is as uninformed as everyone else’s. Richard III?


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