Definite favorite Into the Storm moment — clearest cap I’ve seen so far

~ by Servetus on August 20, 2014.

4 Responses to “Definite favorite Into the Storm moment — clearest cap I’ve seen so far”

  1. Yes, that scene finally conveyed the feeling of family and the closeness that was actually there.


  2. OH indeed my favorite moment. The threesome reunited and working together to rebuild their relationships and their community. Put a lump in this old throat. I needed to see this today. I am so frustrated with my health situation at the moment. Hello, boys!! 😀


  3. Yeah, nice. I wondered whether that scene was an after-thought, though. As in, was this possibly added in pick-ups? It’s just that to me RA looks slightly different in that scene, thinner, less bulky, while Max Deacon appears a bit more muscular. Ah well, I might just be over-analysing.


    • No idea — I don’t think it was added in pickups unless they added all those later time capsule shots in pickups, though … I remember that the scene around the car, leaving for school, was something that Nathan Kress tweeted from during pickups, though.


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