No, of course, Mr. Armitage, Thorin is not sexy at all.

Here‘s a German interview with Richard Armitage — he speaks English, though, so if you don’t understand German, just wait, Armitage is coming in his native language. The very last quote is truly noteworthy. Oh, I don’t know — why would anyone find Thorin sexy? (Thanks to Na Dine on Twitter). No idea. Cough.


~ by Servetus on August 20, 2014.

27 Responses to “No, of course, Mr. Armitage, Thorin is not sexy at all.”

  1. Sexiest dwarf alive? 😀 Nothing new!
    You HAVE to accept that, Richard !


  2. That was kind of interesting…Had anyone asked RA before if he thought Thorin was a sexy character? Seems to me that the “sexy dwarf” business must have been raised in an interview before. I don’t remember him being so resistant to the idea of Thorin being appealing in any previous interview.

    It just made me wonder how far into madness Thorin is going to descend in this picture. I mean, in the first two movies, Thorin was heroic and conflicted, but overall an admirable figure. Will all that be undone in this third movie? I hope not.


    • This is odd in that it’s not entirely clear that the commentator is directly interviewing Armitage — it’s a kind of commentating around audio from Armitage. So someone was asking him questions, but it’s not entirely clear what the question was to which he was responding — the commentator says just before the quotation that Armitage is tired of being considered among the world’s sexiest dwarves.


      • Oh, I see. I just got the general gist of the interviewer’s comments.
        I got the phrase “world’s sexiest dwarf” but didn’t get the entire thing.


  3. I don’t know if playing crazy is going to be sexy. Probably not, because at the very least, a mad monarch is usually too busy giving disastrous orders to loyal subjects and abusing minions. I don’t think even Thorin can pull that off. But It’s possible he might look good while infected with gold sickness, because he will have access to killer kingly outfits. Musty but impressive. However, when he becomes heroic again, his sexiness will most likely return, stronger than ever. Just in time to leave us in puddles of misery.


  4. Serv, thanks for finding this. The voice, oh my the voice!

    He sincerely sounding dismissive of Thorin being sexy. How is this just coming to our attention?


  5. I think he is enormously sexy.!


  6. Oh Cod, he hasn’t got a clue, does he? I don’t even mean in terms of the actual sexual appeal of Thorin, but in terms of his question “who wrote that?”. He’s obviously not heard of fanfiction. Or tumblr. Or blogs. Oh LOL.


    • Better for him not to heard about that hustenanfall 110wähl


      • Ups it’s 112….. 🙂


      • Ah come on, it’s hugely entertaining, all that fanfic, and I’m sure he’d find it both funny and also gratifying to see fans connecting with one of his characters so much as to launch into tens of thousands of words about him. I just think it is revealing that celebrities – or Armitage – are so disconnected as to not know this… Or maybe he just pretends…


        • no, he knows. Hence that joke about “pre coital or post coital” in the BTS extras from TDOS, when they’re doing the script read through.


          • hahaha of course. How could I forget…


          • Honestly, I still believe Richard is a Bilbo/Thorin ‘shipper himself. Especially given his tweets around the release of BoFA. A lot of us who read The Hobbit as kids are, funnily enough (I read it aged seven, and yes, I do believe he did read it in childhood – that someone hasn’t mentioned something before being cast in it doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t have a major impact on them at some point – I, for one, am into so many different things that getting round to talking about them all in public would probably never happen because there are simply so many!)…

            I have to say, though, I never really realised how heartbreaking Bilbo’s story was until I’d finished reading both The Hobbit and LotR, when I was about nine years old – and then you see that he lost three very dear friends, if not more, to death, along with basically also losing all the other dwarves to distance and his exile from Erebor, and was left all by himself in that big smial for fifty or sixty years before Frodo came to live with him, and never had another relationship as close as what he had with Thorin and his dwarf friends for the rest of his life.

            On top of that, when he gave up the Ring his mind started to slip because his age hit him all at once, and he would have found out when Frodo came home that at least three more of his dwarf friends were dead by this time… it’s not a pleasant prospect for poor Bilbo.

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            • Thanks for the comment and welcome. Actually, Jane reminded me at some point that he did mention Tolkien, in an interview with the BBC in 2006 (I believe). The same one where he talked about seeing the streets of Budapest as a late teen.


        • Is ja gut beschwichtigendtätschel 🙂
          Wir verstehen uns!


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