Screen caps of the dorktastic dance video

At RAFrenzy. As far as I know the vid itself has been made private.

~ by Servetus on August 24, 2014.

12 Responses to “Screen caps of the dorktastic dance video”

  1. There’s an aspect ratio corrected version on C19


  2. This was from the time he was in 42nd Street I think???


  3. This video was put up 4 years ago. Does C19 still have a watchable version? I joined the fandom late last year so I never got to see the actual video. 😦


  4. I forgot all about that. Funny! 🙂


  5. Resurfacing videos …. Was it really four years ago this last popped up?
    I think he might be able to stomach it being out there. Everyone has dorky homemade videos, right? Not like it’s going to ruin his reputation!


    • You know, it’s interesting — at the time I remember a fairly clear sentiment among the fans I knew that posting it bordered on invasion of privacy and a long discussion about whether it was okay to post it or even discuss it.

      (see comments)

      I think the temperature has changed in four years — I don’t know if that’s because Armitage’s fans are younger or social media are “wearing us all down” ?


  6. Is there a non-private version somewhere? I am dying to see it!


  7. also dying to see it


  8. IIRC the two guys are Tim Ward and David Massey, who were in 42nd Street with Richard in 1991 I think the video is cute. It should be accepted for what it is; friends fooling around, it was posted by one of them after all.


    • I think the point is that it was made as a vid of friends fooling around. Now the audience has changed drastically. Is something that was intended for a much different, more intimate audience really something to be shared with anyone / everyone? That was the question we were dancing around (cough) four years ago.


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