Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?

~ by Servetus on August 28, 2014.

12 Responses to “Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?”

  1. Don’t know what to think about this, but it would be SOOOOO cool!!!


  2. Neeee, oder? Really!!!!!? It would be like christmas and easter at one day


  3. I can’t figure out much about the source.


  4. I am pathetically excited about the possibility


  5. Lovely if it comes to pass! I could never have afforded to travel 4,000 miles to London for the play. Let alone, my flying is so “not happening”. Ha! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


  6. Go to @anglophileTV now, the following appears:

    Awaiting on confirmation that The Crucible DVD will in fact be released. Hang in there Armitage-lovers! #RichardArmitage #TheCrucible
    12:57PM 28 Aug 2014

    Which is more subdued/tentative.


  7. we who emailed the old vic,were told if a DVD were to be made,they would email us back..Lets see what happens..


  8. hope springs eternal…nuff said!


  9. oh please please let this be true!!


  10. whot!?:D


  11. Oh, please, oh, please–I would like to think that all my emails did not go for nought!!!!!!!!1


  12. […] fine with that as it lets me catch up with the web, post some news — this was the day that someone said it had been decided to film The Crucible and the Old Vic denied the rumor again; Richard Hammarton posted some more music from the […]


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