me + live performances by Richard Armitage: What I’ve actually said

In case you were wondering, this is the sum total of what I’ve actually written about seeing Richard Armitage live or meeting him personally:

  • That I’d fantasized about being able to see him act in the theater.
  • That if he did so, I’d try to see it as often as I could, circumstances permitting: “He could be committed to appear on a stage where I could see him act regularly (assuming he weren’t ill or indisposed). I would be granted a certain kind of access to him for the price of a theatre ticket, so that no social contract would be broken. The great part for me would be observing him work at (relatively) close range, making all kinds of observations, testing them out at later performances, and then writing about it. Frankly, I have no qualms about that. It’s a ticketed event, and he’s paid to act in front of audiences […]. I don’t see why it would be an issue that I went to more than one performance (since presumably the goal of a stage production is to sell tickets, and since I’ve watched other performances of his dozens of times on DVD), or that I wrote about it, as long as I were honest and professional.”
  • That I had severe reservations about any personal encounter between me and him. I’ve said that so many times I can’t find all the links, but it’s an ongoing theme of the blog, and the most recent time was in January. In this post, I reiterate my desire to see Armitage act: “I think, after what I saw of the play (see the vids here), that if Armitage is on stage I’m going to have to see it. MORE NOW THAN EVER” despite my fears about a stage door encounter. Note also that I said I loved reading others’ reports of such encounters, and never said no one else should try to have one — I said I had reservations about it in my own case.
  • That, in June, based on what I knew at that point, I didn’t think this summer was going to be the opportunity for me to see him in the theater. Note again — it’s not a “stance against” anything, or an insistence that others should not do it, but rather an explanation of why I made the decision I had made at that time.

Of these four assertions, the first remains true. The second I was able to fulfill (seeing the play multiple times) and plan to pursue this week (writing about it). The fourth changed substantially over the summer — the circumstances that were conditioning my feeling that this summer was not the time to go to London to see a play. And I acted in contradiction to the third (personal encounter) this week. I’m going to write about both of those latter things, although I’m under no obligation to do so, because I want to be honest and this blog is about charting a real journey. Maybe you have some problem with me having gone to see this play after thinking I wasn’t going to be able to — I don’t know why, especially if you saw it yourself. But if you want to be enraged at me, why don’t you wait and do it on the basis of something I actually said instead of charging me with things that I never wrote and indeed, never thought.

OK, now back to the fun. That’s what most of us want out of this fandom!

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~ by Servetus on September 1, 2014.

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