Brief explanation of what’s happening next

I’m going to start posting chronologically about my trajectory toward London. The major purpose of this activity is to provide an accurate documentation of my fan journey for myself (and anyone else who wants to know). Do not feel you need to read or comment on any or all of it, but I need to put it out there in order to continue the blog project in good faith.

I’m going to do this in two strands, one that starts on August 21, 2014 (just about the trip), and one that starts after June 3, 2014 (about making the decision to go). The decision strand posts will be published postdated so they appear on blog in the place where the events described took place, but they will be marked so that readers know they were posted retroactively. For the many readers who get email notifications of posts, hopefully you will still see those posts at the top of your email. The trip strand posts will be dated now as I write down what happened based on my diary. They will, however, reference dates on which things happened.

When all of this is published I’ll publish an index. Hope that makes sense.

~ by Servetus on September 3, 2014.

6 Responses to “Brief explanation of what’s happening next”

  1. […] [Post published retroactively from diaries, as explained here.] […]


  2. Am looking forward to this…have really been enraptured by your descriptions. Thanks for allowing me to experience it vicariously.


  3. […] [Post published retroactively from diaries, as explained here.] […]


  4. so glad you had the opportunity to go and will share your experience with those of us who couldn’t go. can’t wait to read all about it.;


  5. […] [Published retroactively, as explained here.] […]


  6. […] post was published retroactively, as explained here. Please beware that you may read things in this post that make you unhappy. A reminder that these […]


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