me + The Crucible / richard armitage relics, or: Different kind of autograph

Finally got around to photographing. Picked up Wednesday, August 27th, evening performance. Previous post on Richard Armitage relics here. Not sure where this one fits — I know for sure he wrote on (the JP and inkblot) and touched this because I saw him do it. That’s John Proctor’s fake blood on the paper! On the other hand, I can’t put it in my pocket. Hmmm.


2012-01-01 00.00.00-13

~ by Servetus on September 15, 2014.

4 Responses to “me + The Crucible / richard armitage relics, or: Different kind of autograph”

  1. I’ve framed mine, together with the poster. JP is now staring at me from my study’s wall at work: I find it oddly comforting. People started noticing. A colleague just asked whether it might be St. Ignatius – not a weird question, as we work in a place filled with Jesuit immanence 🙂


    • LOL — somehow the jacket makes him look very Ignatius, I agree. Even if it’s not detail accurate it has a very early modern feel.


  2. […] the relic effect? Things that have touched the body of Armitage? Like the costume cards? Or the confession? All of which are in my office, and while not yet directly on display, things I look at a […]


  3. […] (I scrounged one up at the time, or I’d bid.) There’s also another prop on offer, also for charity. In case […]


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