Here I go.

Great article on Kristin Scott Thomas and career changes, via Old Vic Theatre on FB.





Got my relics.

~ by Servetus on September 29, 2014.

10 Responses to “Here I go.”

  1. KST makes some interesting remarks about camaraderie in the theatre. It had never occurred to me how much more freedom the actor was allowed on stage (I was surprised that Yael Farber wasn’t there everyday). Film making allows the director to dictate the actors every gesture, too much in some cases, I have been watching all the extras on the extended version of AUJ, Peter Jackson would have driven me crazy with his ‘rolling resets’ lol


    • that surprised me a little too.

      I think Jackson would drive me crazy, too — during one of those live web events they showed tape of Martin Freeman repeating his lines over and over again — seems like Jackson wants to control every detail, which makes spontaneity impossible?


  2. Interesting article. I wonder if RA will pop over and see Electra. Oh, and good luck with the job.


    • Thanks. He must have been in England this last week, no? with the press thing, I assumed he’d seen Richard III on its last night.


  3. i read this on way to work this morning, very interesting and along the lines of what many actors who love to do theatre have said about theatre vs film. I got myself a ticket for Wed press night in the stalls (press nights here always a good bet in terms of reduced prices) and am very curious to see it. Also i want to go back to the Old Vic, a band aid that needs ripping off sooner rather than later. Will be interesting also to see how this will compare to the Medea i saw at the National.
    Relics are precious 🙂 interesting what we all hoard 🙂 mine are mostly tickets and cast sheets..


  4. The article is very interesting. Do you remember if RA had an article written before The Crucible which was as intelligent, detailed and informative?


    • Not that I remember. Those articles seemed very focused on getting the reader past the idea that he was just a good looking movie star.


  5. That’s interesting,thanks!
    From what she said, theatre is ideal for Richard…but shrug what do I know.


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