The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chicago Fan Event…round 1

If you want to see BotFA in Chicago with other Armitage fans, please pick the best date for you!

Ancient Armitage

After Gratiana of the Something About Love blog so graciously hosted the Into the Storm Chicago fan event in August, I volunteered to pitch in and help organize the next one in the hopper…The BotFA event (I really cannot be bothered to type out that entire title more than once)  Although work related commitments have put my actual attendance in question AGAIN!!,  I am pleased to be able to help coordinate the event in the digital world…there is a very helpful elf (I settled on “elf” since the movie opening is so close to Christmas…) on the ground in the Windy City who is doing the all real work.  Elf, if you are reading this… if at any time you want to be named and praised by me for saving my bacon, please let me know…until then, I will diligently guard your anonymity 🙂  .

So, I know it…

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~ by Servetus on October 8, 2014.

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