Liturgy for Letting Go

Beautiful liturgy for the end of the (church) year by a (liberal female Presbyterian pastor) friend of mine.

Glass Overflowing

This is part of the liturgy we are doing tonight at Sabbath Worship. In place of the usual Confession sequence, we will be reading this, responsively:


Sacrament of Letting Go        by Macrina Wiederkehr

she celebrated the sacrament of letting go.
First she surrendered her green,
then the orange, yellow, and red
finally she let go of her brown.

Shedding her last leaf
she stood empty and silent, stripped bare.

Leaning against the the winter sky
she began her vigil of trust.

And Jesus said:

Why do you worry about clothes? Remember the flowers growing in the fields; they do not fret about what to wear; yet I assure you not even Solomon in all his royal robes was dressed like one of these.

Shedding her last leaf
she watched its journey to the ground.
She stood in silence
wearing the color of emptiness,
her branches wondering:

How do…

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~ by Servetus on November 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Liturgy for Letting Go”

  1. I really like this.


    • I did, too — I feel like life is an extended exercise in letting go and sometimes in the atmosphere of loss, we hang on to other things we don’t need just because we don’t want to lose them, too …


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