Paisley Armitage?

Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 4.13.53 PMOK, I admit I love paisley shirts on men.

And I really like THIS paisley.

And I can imagine a lot of men I know with personalities that would really fit with this shirt.

But you are pretty much the last person in the world I would have imagined voluntarily in this particular shirt.

Maybe if you took off the suit and tie and just had it on — with the collar open and the cuffs rolled up, if it were a little tattered, if you were hammering something …

Detail of photo of Richard Armitage by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack, DA MAN magazine, December 2014.

~ by Servetus on November 28, 2014.

22 Responses to “Paisley Armitage?”

  1. Oh, it’s Paisley? Ha! I never even bothered to look that closely… I thought it was little flowers blushes. And no – I don’t see this as the Armitage Look of the future. But well, he may surprise us yet… you never know… after all he has worn sofa-plaid and space-wax denim…


  2. Not a fan at all. I wonder if he gets any say at all?

    BTW Servetus you were right. The ring was a prop – Tiffany. But I’m sure you already know that 😉


  3. I have been vocal elsewhere how I feel about this particular shoot.


  4. Up close it looks like a sort of mini Paisley so I don’t think it looks too bad. Mind you, I’m happy simply gazing at that beautiful face! 😉


  5. Nice shirt but not quite RA type but then we really don’t know him so figuring out his type of clothing or style is hard to do. On a shoot he wears what they put on him whether he likes it or not.


  6. Can’t say I like the shirt at all…it looks diseased…like specimens under a microscope


  7. I was just trying to think of scenarios in which I could imagine my image of the real RA wearing this shirt and I thought, this is the kind of shirt, if it were really soft cotton, that you could kind of see him wearing along with a burp cloth and an infant …


  8. Sorry , but no. The only picture I like from this shoot is the one where the photographer is on RA’s shoulders. Paisley on men works on ties and handkies, but otherwise it reminds me of the 70s too much 🙂


  9. I like the composition of the photos but the styling lets it down IMO. I don’t feel like the stylist ‘got’ RA at all – it was like they took no time to research him and just put him in clothes that they wanted to promote. I can’t imagine him choosing a paisley or that cut away collar which just looks all wrong on him. In the long shots the trousers are creased unflatteringly too. I liked the ring ( although more so when I thought it was the one from TH) because it drew my attention to his beautiful hands ( and for one glorious moment I mistook it for a wedding band which gave me an enormous thrill).


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