Thorin coffee collectible?

thorin-classico-cappuccino[Left: The Thorin Oakenshield Kruger Classico Cappucino coffee drink as it lived and breathed.]

Do you remember when these came out in Germany (one variety for each of the dwarves, I believe)?

And now the prophetic words of Chumbawumba have come true, and we can buy collectible sealed bags of Thorin Oakenshield coffee on auction sites!

More seriously, though, I feel like there’s a lot less to buy this time around — maybe that’s just a Thorin Oakenshield phenomenon. I got the Hallmark ornament, and the latest Visual Guide, and I will get the fifth WETA volume when it comes out in a few weeks. Eventually I will get the latest version of Lego Thorin — at least one student has walked off with one, though, so I probably need to keep them out of my office. I will get the new New Zealand stamps and coins before they disappear, but I’m also putting that purchase off for a while in interest of bolstering my safety cushion / savings. But there haven’t been any new Thorin toys otherwise, have there?

I think I’ll stick to my Starbucks, although if there were Hobbit promotion items here I would definitely invest. Or Richard Armitage ones. Richard Armitage chestnut praline macchiato, anyone? Right now they’ve got a holiday promotion running — buy five holiday drinks, get one free.

~ by Servetus on November 30, 2014.

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