Guylty’s on the scene, photographing Richard Armitage from my favorite perspective!

~ by Servetus on December 2, 2014.

11 Responses to “Guylty’s on the scene, photographing Richard Armitage from my favorite perspective!”

  1. Guylty you done good girl!!! ❤


  2. OK, I’m going to be a good girl and be quiet about this one. It’s so tempting though….temping…ya…..tempting sums it up.


  3. Why be quiet? I had 77 thoughts. Mmmmm. Starting with “what a beautiful ____”.


  4. Your favourite perspective , I remember very well the effort she took to get some of them last year 😀
    Apologies, it’ s 3.00 o’clock in the morning, still no sleep, I’m going to be silly.


    • This is how I know Guylty is truly my friend. Pix like these 🙂

      I need to eat something — going to tear myself away now. Yeah. In just a second … hope you fall asleep.


  5. Not many men are built like RA, but what this photo shows is also his dancer’s grace and perfect posture. I know Guylty is disappointed in the number of shots she got tonight, but this one is golden to me.


  6. He is so photogenic 😀


  7. oh wow! Guylty, what a beautiful perspective!!!


  8. […] a man of substance. It also fits him as well as a suit like this can, and there’s reason (as we well know) for Armitage to prefer any double-vent jacket. The side silhouette is quite nice, I […]


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