So who was not there (or I didn’t see them?)

Benedict Cumberbatch

Martin Freeman

who else?

Is that way Warner Bros didn’t stream it? Because they didn’t think anyone else would care?

~ by Servetus on December 10, 2014.

9 Responses to “So who was not there (or I didn’t see them?)”

  1. Was Luke Evans there?


  2. I was there with another fan girl. Not there, all of the above. But I just got home it’s ll p.m. and we could not see any of the stream stuff. We were next to the carpet as they walked by on their way into the theater. Saw all of them extremely close, got autographs from almost everyone. RA and PJ included. It was a blast. Except standing on concrete for 3 and half hours was tough.


  3. I didn’t see Adam Brown or Ken Stott. Or any of those listed above. But it seemed like a lively premiere and a fun time — a big improvement over last year.


    • I think they were never going get Stott. So, how is it?

      Present: Brophy, McTavish, Hambleton, Callen, Hadlow, Armitage, O’Gorman, Hunter, Kircher

      Absent: Stott (avoids these things); Brown (in a play); Nesbitt, Turner (still filming Poldark?)

      They didn’t do too badly as far as dwarves go.


      • Yes,you’re right — they got a fair crop of dwarves. It’s hard to get them all together, especially after this many years. Ken Stott doesn’t seem to like the promo whoop-de-doo, but he did do a convention once, didn’t he? I think he was at HobbitCon in Germany. He did well there and seemed very charming.

        Do you mean, how do I think this one was an improvement over last year’s LA Premiere? Last year, the fans in LA seemed to be kept so far away from the stars, and the interviewers were not fans — just generic pretty faces with shiny smiles and a list of questions.

        This LA premiere, the cast interacted with the fans more, the interviews were more fun (probably because the women from TORn are fans). I just liked it a lot better.


        • Stott — he has been at HobbitCon once, but I think because it was a “let’s see everyone again” kind of thing. His interviews have suggested he doesn’t have a whole lot of patience for the circus around these things.

          “how is it?” — I was thinking in German about who they got to come. But re: the premiere — I still have to sort out how I feel about it. I agree that the interviews last year were pretty silly. I think the actors were pretty interactive with fans last year though — we just didn’t see it in the Fandango stream. I felt like we saw more over all last year, though. This year we were looking at it all from the perspective of the Happy Hobbits. Which I am not complaining about it since they were the only perspective. I’ve donated to them b/c of that … Berlin and Wellington are going to end up having been my favorites, I think, with the London Royal Premiere after that.


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