Three things to think about tonight?

Trying to catch up with my own comments stream, as you may have noticed. Getting there! Looking forward to tomorrow although since it happens in my own time zone for a change I don’t know how much I will be around. Will be able to look in here and there and have rescheduled a few breaks for convenient times.

Thing One: The spReAd the love kindness campaign has a really wonderful giveaway this week — one of Guylty’s Armitage shrines, a Porter. Leave a comment describing a kindness someone has done for you recently, or one that you have done, for a chance to win this gorgeous shrine.

Thing Two: The ONLY people who were there for us with LiveStream last night for the Los Angeles premiere were TORn, and they are perenially impecunious (=short on cash). If you were grateful to be able to see Richard Armitage and the other attendees in real time, please consider making a small donation to fund their website and debt remission, or their February party.

Thing Three: Have I importuned (=ask insistently, solicit) you enough yet tonight? Please consider a donation to YoungMinds UK, for whom Richard Armitage has made a voiceover in support. Info and links here.

I know everybody’s asking at the moment. I know most of us give regularly and some of us give till it hurts, or some of us are or have recently been more targets of charity than charitable donors. And charity begins with those who need it who are close to us.

But the most interesting thing I learned while working as a fundraiser for the WARF in 1998?

The number one reason anyone gives anything? Because s/he is asked to do so. If you have a little extra, please consider these recipients tonight. Some people who are far away, are closer than we think.

~ by Servetus on December 11, 2014.

4 Responses to “Three things to think about tonight?”

  1. A friend is very kindly lending me the money to pay for necessary dental work. This is a huge kindness.


  2. My granddaughter did my laundry for me as I have been feeling quite weak since my stay in hospital last week! She also picked up some medications for me tonight. She’s a treasure! I recently donated to Young Minds as my niece’s son has Asperger’s.


    • Sorry to hear you have been sick, Teuchter — Hope they let you take your laptop with you so you can keep on Richarding.


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