Taking tonight off from The Hobbit, random musings

Tonight’s our administrative departmental holiday party — I often used to skip these things as a faculty member, but it probably behooves me to act a little more politically these days. Moreover, it’s being hosted by my “lead,” as he’s called, who’s (a) been tremendously supportive and kind to me although he would have had every reason not to be; and (b) is also a really interesting person, someone with whom I develop a natural chatty streak when I spend time with him. So despite the fact that I hate events like this I am actually looking forward to the drive over there (a place I haven’t been yet) and meeting his family.

Also, I admit that since I don’t have television, I’d have to make an effort to see SNL, and while I usually enjoy SNL, I don’t really like Martin Freeman, so it’s not much of a dilemma for me. At the same time, I would not put it outside of the realm of possibility that there could be a sketch involving other people we know (though I am guessing not Armitage). Or that some of those people we know might be in the audience. Although I truly have no idea. Probably rumors are coursing on Twitter or something but I haven’t been looking for them (see under: I don’t really like Martin Freeman).

Not long until I get to see the movie! I’m practically unspoiled although I saw today that the pirates have hotten hold of it and little pieces of GIF are making it onto tumblr. Still restraining myself from looking for that stuff and from reading all reviews including those of fellow fans. I’m saving the fan posts as I see them, though, so hopefully I will get time to comment.

Marlise Boland has announced her latest interview masterpiece as coming soon. It looks like she has vid.

For those who are tiring of the press blitz (it will not surprise anyone to learn that I haven’t, yet), there’s a nice “what else have you been thinking about?” post at Nowhere in Particular.

~ by Servetus on December 13, 2014.

15 Responses to “Taking tonight off from The Hobbit, random musings”

  1. I hope you enjoy yourself even though it’s not your thing.
    A huge ‘thank you’ for keeping us informed.
    I’m off to bed now. Good night.


    • Hope you had a good rest. It actually wasn’t bad. I think the thing is just to go to these events without expectations of any kind …


  2. I went to a holiday thing I was dreading and it actually turned out to be fun.Hope yours does too. Wine helped a lot. My husband later referenced the movie “Airplane” in wanting to end it all caused by being bored to death. We were trapped on a boat . But the thing I really wanted to tell you was, I don’t like Martin Freeman either. I thought I was the only one. So happy to know I am not alone.


  3. A little Freemeh and Cucumber-meh here. RA is just out of their league IMO 😉


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