Very atmospheric vid of the Paris Hobbit premiere

This is not usually my thing but I liked this one a lot.

~ by Servetus on December 13, 2014.

4 Responses to “Very atmospheric vid of the Paris Hobbit premiere”

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    Really well done. Servetus you find all the best!


  2. not bad at all, and he obviously was in the right spot as he got everyone to look a the camera 🙂 Sweet PJ totally getting what he is doing and playing along and saying hi and all to the camera, that man is a treasure! 🙂 Like the way OOA signs with his hand outstretched and no support, how does he manage? An arm’s length approach ;-))) Martin comes across much warmer and closer than i thought he would (apologies to his fans but i haven’t seen much of anything of previous promo rounds and things). But he’s seen his fare share of fan hassle as well with Sh and i have to say Hobbit fans are a much warmer and nicer bunch, it’s what the actors say as well, so it must be a much nicer experience for him too 🙂

    In fact of the entire tour and what i have been able to ingest to far 😉 Paris and Brasil are my favourites. There is that interview at Canal + in France which is just lovely. There is incredibly warm and friendly chemistry between the 3 and you get a sense of not only how friendly they are with each other but how much they respect and liked to work with each other. There are some genuine nice stories and mutual warmth and admiration, not least from PJ towards them 2 and much publicising their talents for all the world to see from PJ (with blushes from OOA 😉 ) Few people i’ve heard in interviews i’ve seen so far have spoken so extensively, seriously and at length positively and respectfully about OOA as PJ and Martin. It’s an interview i definitely want to rewatch and hopefully somebody has recorded it as i’d like to keep it 🙂

    Brasil is the other as his face just shines with joy all throughout 🙂 And hearing the crowd cheering ‘Thorin Thorin Thorin’ does things to my insides together with his smile 🙂


  3. is there a video of the interview hariclea is referring to? I’ve been searching and can’t seem to locate it.


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