That Richard Armitage / James Bond chestnut

I saw another report (I’ve seen a few in the last few weeks; odd that the press apparently considers this a slow newsweek because I sure don’t — or is Daniel Craig quitting?) about odds to play the next James Bond. 1 will get you ten, now, if I understand this correctly. I don’t always click when I see that headline now, but sometimes I do. How times change — when I first wrote about this perennial discussion, Armitage’s odds in London were 50 to 1.

If you’ve been around this fandom for a while, you learn that certain conversations just keep coming up — silence on them has a shelf-life of about twelve to fourteen months — and this is one of them. Although they are beloved among many fans, I find hypothetical casting conversations tedious and in general I don’t care for repetition in interviews, although I could probably stare at Armitage all day long. But in real life, there are certain repetitions that please me. I’ll watch Armitage’s scenes over and over again, for instance. Which leads me, in light of current events, to ask why we as humans are so fond of certain kinds of repetitiveness. More in a bit about that.

~ by Servetus on December 23, 2014.

6 Responses to “That Richard Armitage / James Bond chestnut”

  1. I think this may have come up again for two good reasons.
    1. Not too long ago Richard said in an interview, when asked what was the role he wanted most to play in his life, he paused and said “I think I may have just read for it.”
    2. The list of characters and actors cast for the new Bond film Spectre included everyone except for the main baddie Blofeld. Depending upon the direction they go I think it’s entirely possible that he may not be cast as Bond at all, but a younger good looking Blofeld. He did mention years ago in an interview that he’d love to play a Bond baddie. Thoughts?


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome; it never occurred to me when I read that that he’d put any role in a Bond film in that category (his statement about the Bond baddie notwithstanding) but if that’s what it was, more power to him! I don’t follow the whole Bond juggernaut to have anything useful to say, but I appreciate the information a great deal!


      • As this is only an opinion I may be totally offbase, but hey…who know? As the franchise is international, and now so is he…. 😉


        • he really is international, always has been, and I think in ways we don’t always realize. I think of Ultimate Force as a stupid British tv show but it aired in 33 countries or something …


  2. […] of discussion, or non-discussion, as the case may be, on and off with bloggers ( RAFrenzy, and Me and Richard, for example.  Entertainment writers get in on the game,, Tumblr is full of the idea  and […]


  3. […] Batman was the Richard Armitage rumor that never really materialized. That never interested me all that much, although there were a lot of fan reactions. Like Bond, it was a conversation that never really went away. […]


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