Collection of some of our fellow fans’ reviews of The Battle of the Five Armies

So I can finally start reading! These are conventional blogs I read either devoutly or periodically. In no particular order. If there are ones I have missed, or other fan reviews you have found noteworthy, please add them in the comments.

Herba (in German); machine translation here.


Ma vie en l’air


A Mind Divided

Suzy (in German, but English at the bottom of the post)

Zee’s Muse


Alyssa Bethancourt (particularly worth your time)

Guylty (ditto)


Professorfangirl (brief!).

Janine Pineo

Wormwood Scrubs

I had links to Perry’s two reviews and now can’t find the pages.





~ by Servetus on December 24, 2014.

11 Responses to “Collection of some of our fellow fans’ reviews of The Battle of the Five Armies”

  1. Thank you for linking me in! (I’m conventional? And I thought I was rather… weird and unusual…)


  2. Thanks for the linkback. I’m glad you’re finally able to do some recreational blog-surfing.


  3. Thanks for linking to my blogpost!


  4. Thanks Serv 🙂 I must wait three more days!


  5. Thanks for the linking goodness xx


  6. Thank you for linking my blogpost and
    merry Christmas for you and your family!


  7. You’re all welcome. I’m so grateful to have such a friendly crowd to talk about these films with!


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