I am a crap photographer

but we are on Cedar Key.Wish everyone who’s trapped in snow and cold against his/her will could be here with us!

2012-01-01 00.00.00-15

~ by Servetus on December 29, 2014.

15 Responses to “I am a crap photographer”

  1. I think it’s beautiful and I wish I was there!


  2. Looks so beautiful and warm. Snows over rated, or at least I think so.


  3. I think your photograph is not crappy at all. It is quite lovely, actually. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. not so crappy at all!
    I wish I could be there too ( it’s so cold here and I love Florida)


  5. Such a beautiful sky; not at all crappy.
    Wishing you and your father a happy new year.


  6. That is everything but crappy. And how could the sky in its glorious sunset colours ever come out anything but beautiful??? Enjoy the sun – it’s definitely a year-end to remember!


    • It doesn’t really look like it looked — but it will be sufficient to remind me of how it looked.

      I don’t know if I ‘have ever had a vacation quite like this one.


      • If it triggers your memory, then it will have fulfilled its purpose.


        • I was wondering just now if one reason I’ve become so preoccupied with the construction of photos is my constant awareness that photos don’t look like reality, at least not to me …


          • They are definitely “constructed reality”. Even street photography and documentary are, because they are only ever a conscious recording of a slice of reality as seen by one person.


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