Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage, New Year’s Eve edition (and a little story)


I had just left dad in the hotel (he was starting to doze off) and decided to head to my coffee shop for a few more minutes of blogging (turns out it is closing early). I thought, I’m not going to finish my “year in review” posts for 2014 tonight, I will have to do them tomorrow, but I can do a quick “places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage post.”

I had the photo above on my screen and was starting to annotate it when one of my favorite baristas, L, walked past.

“Oh, my G-d, is he sexy!” L said, and “that beard, I wish my beard grew in like that!”

“You have a good beard,” I said.

“Yeah, but it’s still a little patchy,” he said.

He wanted to know who was in the picture, and I said, “Thorin Oakenshield” (L is a Hobbit fan, too).

L said, “No way!”

“That’s what he looks like without the prosthetics,” I said.

“Soooo manly,” L said.

We spent some time looking at my computer screen and making admiring comments about Armitage’s beard, eyes, jaw, mouth, and hair and general masculinity.

“I am wet,” L said, emphatically.

Another one of my favorite baristas, C, was mopping the floor and listening in on our conversation.

“Can men get wet?” I asked L, in genuine ignorance.

C burst into laughter. “That has to be the best line of 2014!” she said.

“The closing line,” I remarked.

“Happy New Year, Serv,” L said.

“Group hug,” C said, and we all put our arms over each others’ shoulders and stared some more at beautiful Armitage, with big grins on all our faces.

Whether your evening is quiet or bombastic, whatever emotion you are feeling this year, I and the baristas at my favorite café send you our best Armitage wishes for 2015.

~ by Servetus on January 1, 2015.

59 Responses to “Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage, New Year’s Eve edition (and a little story)”

  1. I thought it was a valid question. =)


    • I censored part of the conversation due to my audience’s delicate sensitivities, but apparently the answer is yes, if they are not circumcised. (shrugs)


  2. Happy New Year Serv’ and thanks for the story, it put a smile on my face xx.


  3. Happy New Year, Servetus! Thank you so much for all your writings and pics from 2014 and I look forward to what you (and RA) share with us in 2015. I have learned and laughed and really appreciate what you do. Best wishes for 2015.


    • Thanks for being a faithful commentator, through thick and thin, even when you’re bothered by what I am saying!


  4. love everything about the above! great year end 🙂 Happy new year to you too and hope it is a good one!

    (But i ain’t kissing that nose, runny from the cold LOL Can i take the beautiful beard instead and the side of his cheek, just above the beard? cold soft cheek.. nice! 😉 )

    (and by the way, mesmeric glacier eyes directed at us equals use of unfair weapons against the weak at heart, Armitage! :-D)


  5. Happy New Year


  6. Happy New Year, Serv. Thank you so much for making me grateful, thoughtful, introspective, happy, lustful, curious, challenged, and always interested (not in any particular order). I had not seen this picture. Beautiful! Thank you.


  7. Happy New Year to you! Great picture of RA and his eyes seem to be a whole new shade of blue as though they’ve taken on the iciness of his surroundings.


  8. Was für ein g…. Jahresendsatz 😀 Ich dachte, wenn es bei Männern feucht wird, ist das Beste schon rum 😉 Tja, he’s simply irresistible…..
    Ich wünsche die einen guten Jahresstart.


  9. Love this…made me chuckle. Happy New Year Serv. Hope 2015 brings you joy. As for places I’d like to kiss him…I’m a little too obvious. Lips…cold lips 🙂


  10. LOL. Real life writes the best dialogues. And I am always pleased when I hear that the Armitage effect works on men, too 😀 Best side benefit: Connecting with other people. Bingo. Good end of the year and start of a new one. Frohes neues Jahr und alles Gute. Hugs, kisses, love! ((((xxxoxxx))))


  11. A happy new year to you too Serv! I hope it’ll be a good one!
    Lots of love and a big hug


  12. 🙂 Hugs and good wishes to you all!


  13. Very nice I must say^^I wish I had more people around me to share my “whatever it is” for richard! Happy new year to you and your loved ones!


  14. Liebe Serv,
    alles Gute, weiterhin erfolgreiches Schreiben und viele schöne Erlebnisse für 2015 für dich und deine Verwandtschaft. ❤
    Und auch viel Glück für deinen Vater und "his special friend".


  15. Très bonne année 2015!
    Merci pour cet excellent blog ……….


  16. Happy New Year Servetus! I’m looking forward to another year of being stimulated by your blog 😉


  17. This blog continues to be very informative LOL.
    You can kiss him all you like, dear Servetus, for now that is. I would be busy skiing down that inviting slope 😉
    Happy New Year to all.


  18. Along with those lips, I’d also be nibbling those cold ears and warming them up.


  19. What a glorious way to end a year and to start a new one:
    Places I like to kiss Richard Armitage. This is always worth an extra serious (!) thought and an extra felt yearning…. It would be the eyes this time!
    Serv, all the heartfelt best wishes for you for 2015. Thanks for being here and sharing another very, very exciting year with us. Feels actually a bit like home… besides that you are sitting under palm trees, whereas I’m (not sitting) but standing in knee-deep snow this New Year’s Day 😀
    … and of course a Happy New Year to all those readers and commenters out there, known and unknown to me…. Meeting you all that would be quite THE PARTY!!!


    • The eyes are really special this time ….

      happy new year to you, too, linda60, and thanks for reading faithfully ALL this time. Dad got home this morning and apparently just in time, it’s supposed to be 12 below tomorrow ….


  20. Happy New Year and all my best wishes!
    Also a big thank you for this wonderful blog,


  21. Wishing you and yours, including your favorite baristas, a great 2015, rich with health, happiness, prosperity, and lots more Richard 😀


  22. What a great episode to report… It really made me smile 🙂
    Very good to ‘see’ your dad finally visiting you. I wish you all the best for 2015 and Ein glückliches Neues 🙂 xx


  23. […] of widespread gay and gay-themed fantasy. I personally don’t have an issue with this — I was happy to lust after him right along with the male baristas at my favorite Sbux — although I know others do (and that yet others have a problem with straight women lusting […]


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