Dad’s last vacation day with tangential Richard Armitage reference

Today’s outing with dad made me think of two things: a double.


thorin-tossing-fishsep1812jasFrom Peter Jackson’s 8th vlog. Source: Something About Love (A)

Or this one might get you a little closer:

ep7_061Lucas North (Richard Armitage) coerces Ashok Veerkal (Ashley Kumar) into spying for MI-5, in Spooks 8.7. Source:

Yes, here’s a picture of dad trying to look like Lucas North.

2012-01-01 00.00.00-42

Well, not really. He has no idea who Lucas North is. We were at the Florida Aquarium, which was interesting but simply overrun. Hot, humid, loud, full of loud squirmy small children. We did see some neat stuff, though, particularly the coral reef displays and a fish from the South Seas that looks like a plant. This is how it looks on wikipedia, really kind of mindblowing, sort of like something from a Disney film:


Anyway, dad looks tired and so am I. He’s safely in an airport hotel, and I have to be back to work tomorrow morning at 8.

~ by Servetus on January 2, 2015.

7 Responses to “Dad’s last vacation day with tangential Richard Armitage reference”

  1. You two certainly packed a lot of touring into your visit. No wonder your Dad is tired. Work will probably seem relaxing after all that sightseeing. It looked like he was having fun. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Also, on a personal note , I am a very happy duck tonight. I knew they would win if I didn’t go to game. Never fails.


    • my mom always said that, too: if I don’t watch, they will win. Congratulations on having chosen the right strategy.

      Work today was very … it was like my brain gears were running through soup, I have to say. Thank heavens for the weekend!


  2. Aww! Nice tripilogue with your Dad! Love the water references! Ha! Thanks for the link. And glad you had a good time. Best wishes as you head back to work. We’re back on Monday.


  3. I know! They both look good in blue 🙂


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