Most viewed posts on me + richard armitage published in 2014

Here’s 2013’s data.

Thanks to everyone who read my blog in 2014

There is a lot to be said about what 2014 meant to me as a blogger. We’ll see how long my energy and bravery hold out!

Most viewed posts published in 2014

This is a list of the most-viewed posts I wrote over the course of the last year (not all-time most-viewed posts, which still looks fairly different, and which I post on the blogiversary). While they still, like last year, reflect a variety of different emphases of the blog — its role as a mechanism to explore the roles of fandom and fantasy and writing in my life; as an examination of Armitage’s dramatic performances; as a place to look at Armitage’s professional development; as a place for fans to talk about their experiences and various forms of their creativity — my posts as a source of information about Richard Armitage (and others), and commentary on the Richard Armitage news, definitely took a leading role this year. Most visited posts also reflect my willingness to be more open about things I’d been silent about for some time — and the controversies that swirled around them. Spoofs also continued to be an important part of the blog’s draw.

1. me + Richard Armitage + Lee Pace, or: The ship that dare not speak its name [part 2, clothes sharing], published February 2, 2014. This little attempt at pointing out that something can be true even if the evidence for it is poor got a lot of (angry) play.

2. Tanya Gold is a jerk; Richard Armitage nonetheless stays on message, published July 6, 2014. This was a post written more or less straight from the heart or shooting from my hip or whatever else one might wish to say. I still stand by what I wrote — and my sickness unto death with what journalists write about fans continues to deepen — but I wonder how much of an identity battle was involved here when I think about my vehemence.

3. I stumbled over Richard Armitage at 92Y [guest post], published January 18, 2014. This is Sara Alize Cross‘ account of rushing to the theater to hear a talk about the play Armitage was participating in, falling into one of the back seats and — falling over Richard Armitage. Reflects the euphoria of that New York event excellently, I find. I think this might be first guest post to make the top ten.

4. Top ten: Richard Armitage against the winter blues?, published February 26, 2014. Pure visual comfort food against the February blues, an ailment particularly prominent among both my RL and my Armitage friends.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch said to be in audience at the Old Vic tonight, published July 15, 2014. This was a pickup of a tweet — a type of post that became increasingly frequent for me this year as the Armitage fandom on tumblr picked up speed (even before Armitage’s appearance there in August). Before you point out that news about a competitor skunked Armitage on his own fan’s blog, I’ll note that this post beat out #6 by only two votes. Maybe the mighty Cummerbund’s fandom isn’t that much bigger than ours, anymore.

6. Richard Armitage to appear in a staged reading of a Pinter screenplay of Proust, Thursday, January 16th?, published January 10, 2014. I’m delighted this made the top ten insofar as this is the one and only time I have ever scooped the entire world on a piece of Richard Armitage news. I am sure that will never happen again, as I was looking for something entirely different at the time — something related to my former research. Also, it was such good news!

7. Lee Pace is there?, published July 3, 2014. Another post about the audience. From press night of The Crucible, the most prominent piece of news to do with that production in terms of page views here. Oh, and: yes, he was. Although this photo was withdrawn from its original location, independent corroborating evidence gradually emerged.

8. Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, & Anna Friel, published August 17, 2014. Another new type of post for this blog in 2014, although this was not the first instance: photos transmitted via Instagram, in this case, Anna Friel’s.

9. Richard Armitage announces new social media platform, published April 1, 2014. First of two spoofs that made the top ten this year. This was funny because really, after his statements in February, I thought a tweeting Armitage was a long way off. It turned out that a long way off meant four whole months. A second spoof completes the top ten, Richard Armitage strong arms Bible, unleashes multiple protests, published July 19, 2014.

10. Although it’s technically eleventh, I’m including it here because arguably, it was the event of the year with the most wide-reaching significance for the fandom: Richard Armitage tweets and it has a blue check!, published August 22, 2014. It beat out by six hits the most-viewed post of 2014 that concerned Armitage’s acting.

Top twenty searches (public) that brought readers here

This surprised me a little, I admit.

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 8.05.56 PM

Ten most and least visiting countries, or: Pope Francis isn’t watching

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 8.08.09 PMScreen shot 2015-01-02 at 8.08.39 PMI guess Armitage doesn’t have a lot of fans in the Vatican. The greatest number of visitors came from the usual suspects, and the group of “untouched” countries contracted to a few nations in central Africa and central Asia. The most heavily populated country where no reader has been here since the beginning of WP country statistics in 2012 is: Iran.


~ by Servetus on January 3, 2015.

14 Responses to “Most viewed posts on me + richard armitage published in 2014”

  1. Very interesting. Congratulations on a great year. Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge 🙂


  2. What Richardtreehouse said ! BTW I’m not surprised at all, Serv…well maybe only by ” chris armitage”?O.o?:D


  3. Thanks for your blog Servetus. I have recently got interested in another actor who is in a popular TV show, and have not found any remotely cerebral feuilltons online to read about him. It’s all more ‘I luvz u please fllw me’. Which does have me questioning my taste but anyway…
    It makes me appreciate your blog even more.


  4. Great stats review – because it functions as a reminder of (some of) the main events within the fandom, too. I am reading back over all the quoted posts – fascinating.
    Also – opportunity for me to thank you here for another year of informative blogging. I think your site remains a major hub for discussion, and while I do not necessarily agree with everything you write, I am grateful for the platform you provide for discussion and exchange. I also think you need to be congratulated for keeping your blog open despite attempts at shutting you up. Just as in society, we need different voices, otherwise we will stagnate. I will remain an appreciative follower!
    On a personal note I’d like to add that it was a definite highpoint to have met you in person this summer. I cannot thank you enough for passing your ticket to me – and for allowing me to share your experience.


    • One thing I found interesting is that the stats did not reflect what was most important to me about 2014 — or only tangentially.

      I really value your friendship for all kinds of reasons, but one of them is your willingness to disagree productively. Meeting you this summer was an absolute highlight for me, too!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You have fabulous blog stats, which is no shocker to me. I am impressed with the 4,489,659 hits too. You know how to engage readers, and that is a gift. It certainly helps to be passionate about what or who you are writing about.


    • Thanks for the kind words. I find the number associated with this blog the weirdest piece of the whole experience. I always enjoy reading your blog — it’s so visually beautiful.


  6. Vatican City? Maybe Pope Francis is an RA fan? 😉 (He does seem to be full of surprises!)


  7. […] But as I mentioned briefly earlier, information about which posts were most visited diverged strongly from my own sense of what became most significant for me. “me + richard armitage” had a year like none before and probably none after; Servetus the fan as writer was troubled for much of it. […]


  8. Interessante Statistik.

    Ich fürchte allerdings, ich gehöre zu denen, die regelmäßig deine Statistik verfälschen, indem sie z.B. auf E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen verzichten und statt dessen manche Posts zehnmal öffnen, um zu sehen, welche Kommentare neu hinzugekommen sind … Und auch der Google-Suche nach “me and richard” (oder so) habe ich mich schon schuldig gemacht. 😉

    Übrigens überrascht mich, wie hoch in der Liste Germany landet.


    • This is part of my point about the relatively indeterminacy of the numbers. Plenty of people view a page more than once. If I only speak from the perspective of someone who cares about page views, Google searches are not bad for me …


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