Guyday Friday: Remembering Guy of Gisborne as crazed murderer

rh212_213_105Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage), a few moments before he murders Marian (Lucy Griffiths), in Robin Hood 2.13. Source:


in medias res



and a moment afterward:


~ by Servetus on January 16, 2015.

14 Responses to “Guyday Friday: Remembering Guy of Gisborne as crazed murderer”

  1. He was overheated, poor dear. Someone should have told him leather wasn’t a clever idea in that climate…

    Sharp teeth, though…


  2. I think the word murder is a little harsh regarding our Sir Guy — his sword slipped.


  3. Marian had a case of sunstroke combined with a martyr complex, which drove her to say some really stupid, tactless things to a desperate man with a very sharp sword that she’d been leading on for a little too long. Guy had a moment of temporary insanity which drove him over the edge. No one mourned Marian more than he–including her “husband.” That’s my story, and I am stickin’ to it. 😀


  4. It was an accident! Poor Marian was partially blind(she choose Robin over Guy , do you remember?) she just tripped over somthing and fell on his sword.


    • Of Course! Its dangerous to wear long clothes and heavy boots. And oops you fell in a sword. And I must say, there are too much swords around in this times. GPM (guy protection mode) off.


    • Damn right, Joanna!!!! Such a silly, clusmy girl. Having chosen so badly!!!! 😛


  5. IIRC – Richard said he couldn’t sleep for a number of nights before he had to “kill” her as he felt they still had a lot to say to each-other. How will he handle playing a mass murderer I wonder when, as he has said himself, he really isn’t a violent person? worried frown


    • yeah, I’d forgotten about that statement about how upset he was about having to kill her. OTOH, he’s also said he finds it easiest to act roles that are nothing like him. (at least i hope Francis Dolarhyde is not much like him)


  6. Poor Guy, really needed a cuddle……….would have solved everything.


  7. It was a dumb decision from the scriptwriters! Though it gives RA the opportunity of a very fine acting in S03.


  8. This part has always pained me.


  9. I actually watched this episode again last night for the umphteenth time. Here’s the thing, yes, historically Marian chooses Robin, and does so in our Robin Hood as well. However, all of the blushes, smiles, cheek kisses, hugs, and “stirrings” were real. Our Marion did seem to be in love with both, very different men. The speech that caused Guy to run her through with his sword, seemed more to convince him (and herself) it was over for them, than any actual truth.


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