Findirien reports from the airport in Beijing

Here. Many thanks!

Well I think I should pop up now. Greetings, Servetus, from Beijing. I was at the airport yesterday and there are something more about fans. The Misty Mountain song was the sweetest of course because more than 3 group of fans(from different online communities) sang it together. There were banners showing ‘Welcome King under the Mountain’ ‘One Last Time’ and a The Crucible poster. In a pic taken by my friend, some guy brought a copy of Hannibal by Thomas Harris, another lady had a MI5 DVD. Many Middleearth fans took copies of The Hobbit, Thorin posters and Lonely Mountain maps with them, I got a copy of North & South DVD(Chinese edition) in my hand… though RA was unable to see the other side of passage where the other half of his fans were waiting because all the camera guys rushed to his side as he started signing. It was a little bit chaotic in the end as travellers kept asking ‘who is that’ and taking pics. But before he went away, he turned back, took a picture of the crowd and waved back, that was absolutely sweet!

And I’m still wondering how RA got his pics posted on Twitter. I can’t even have access on this site without a VPN!

~ by Servetus on January 19, 2015.

4 Responses to “Findirien reports from the airport in Beijing”

  1. How sweet of our lovely man. Thanks for your report!


  2. Thank you for reposting! I didn’t have time (or chance) for press conference yesterday but I’ll go with my friends this afternoon to premiere cinema and hopefully see the-ever-wonderful man again!


  3. This is super!


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