More details about the atmosphere of the Beijing premiere of The Battle of the Five Armies

Here. Thanks for making the effort to tell us about it!

I only managed to do that ‘red carpet’, and not all who went there can get close to the carpet. There were lucky people who even had tickets and watched the movie but not me.

To be honest, I think the place they cleared for premiere is quite a small area. It’s the entrance hall of a cinema no more than 200 square meters surrounded by various shops. Stage was temporarily built for photographer, that centre area was the best place for phototaking. The stage faced those statues and large posters, where Peter & others going to walk. There was a parallel narrow passage behind the stage. Fans were lined up then allowed into the passage to fill the flanks of the stage… I think before PJ and others came there were about 50 people inside the passage and a bit more outside.

I went with my friends and we were all standing inside the passage. One of the New Zealand officials gave a speech first, then we waited. The MC joked they were trafficjammed but we didn’t wait for long before Richard Taylor emerged from a gate and walked towards us. At first when warner bros announced who would come to premiere, they didn’t mention RT, and he was not in press conference. But when we know he would come to this premiere we prepared gift for him: a hand-made burglar contract written in Chinese characters, a frame of painting and a trophy. He was tall and very kind. I stood behind dozens of people but could still see him signing things. Then he walked towards those cameras and showed them the contract.
RA got the same gifts (this time Thorin in the frame). He came in after Peter and quickly walked to the camera, probably because Peter was surrounded already. Everybody around me was crying Peter or Richard…and then RA came to the crowd and started signing too.
I couldn’t see Peter except for his hair, but RA was easy to spot. He wore a very fitting, classic suit, just the same as I saw him in various pics.

quite late, I’ll write more tomorrow

~ by Servetus on January 22, 2015.

8 Responses to “More details about the atmosphere of the Beijing premiere of The Battle of the Five Armies”

  1. Sorry I’m a bit late, but thanks for reposting! I’ll tell the rest here.

    By the time Richard came to greet people, Philippa also arrived and looked gorgeous. When she received her gift she actually gasped…. I heard singing voice from the other end of passage, it’s Misty Mountains again. Everybody in the front went so overwhelmingly excited as they moved by. I didn’t come to other premieres before and because I was holding a camera, I decided it’s best to get more shot for my friends. Luckily some of my friends was in the front and got to talk to them, though very briefly. And there are some funny things about Mr A:

    When they gave the contract to RA he was still in a signature mood (easily understand) and before somebody said ‘this is for you’ he just signed his name on the folded page!:P I heard this after the red carpet and thought, well, this meant anyone who signed that contract (we did sign our names) was made officially a burglar by Thorin himself!


  2. My memory is not brilliant but I can tell RA was relaxed but somehow still reserved. From his perspective he may see lots of people crying his name and many cameras pointing at him. He always had a smile on his face and constantly came to fans but didn’t stay considerably longer than others. It’s understandable for him to stand back at times and enjoy himself. I saw him posing beside Azog statue, and a funny gif was posted online a couple of days ago

    I love the time he improvises with his imagination. So adorable.


    • Thanks so much for finishing up your story and putting this GIF in context.

      These premieres are a performance for him as much as anything else — one he consistently does well. It’s just a fact that fans aren’t going to get as much as they might want if they could have anything — but it always seems he does his best to give what he can.


      • True. What I read about RA shows a gentleman who wants to give more than to receive. And given that small amount of time there (I think it was less than 10 mins) he was doing great.


  3. Thanks again Findirien for sharing your experience with us!


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