Samantha Colley and Marama Corlett in The Crucible

This is a newish clip from Act One, and Richard Armitage isn’t in it, but you get a sense of how much power Colley’s work has. I found her truly frightening at times.

~ by Servetus on January 31, 2015.

16 Responses to “Samantha Colley and Marama Corlett in The Crucible”

  1. I’m sure those watching were glued to their seats. She is powerful and terrifyingly convincing.


    • yeah, it’s like she somehow gets bigger during that scene.


      • What were your own feelings while watching her?


        • Some nights, I really thought she was crazy; other nights I thought she was a manipulative jerk — I was truly frightened when she was beating up Betty / threatening to beat up the other girls. I was three feet from her while I watched her make herself cry. Repeatedly. And then turn it off like it was a faucet. Eerie. That woman is crazy talented.


  2. All the young women were incredibly talented in their own ways. Marama’s manipulation and control of her body is astounding.


  3. This whets my appetite even more. Obviously we all can’t wait to have access to John Proctor, but it’s going to be great to study the other performances in the ensemble as well. They were all phenomenal, really.


    • yeah, I feel bad in particular that I haven’t written about Adrian Schiller yet. That was a great performance. Just fantastic. I also told him. But still.


      • Oh, without a doubt. Schiller was fantastic. And Abigail (actually, all the girls in Act 3’s insanity) scared me, too. Particularly when I was seated on the front row at the rear of the stage (next to the staircase). I had an irrational fear that the paranoia they were selling might somehow get me, next. Natalie Gavin, Anna Madeley and Ann Firbank also stood out. Such different roles, but inasmuch as they inhabited their characters so well, they were on par with RA.


  4. Schiller and Gavin were the stand-out performers for me, but Colley and Madeley also really put on extraordinary performances. The whole ensemble was outstanding, not a weak performance in sight. Great casting choices!!


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