Jen finally gets around to seeing The Battle of the Five Armies

Here. I really enjoyed the evenhandedness of this review and its reflections about Kili and Fili’s deaths. I guess we can forgive our fellow Armitage fan, because she’s been working on putting The Ghost in the Canteen on different e-formats, and getting ready for the release of book 2 in this series which — I can tell you already, I will be buying this time not because she’s a fellow fan but because I am enjoying book 1! So strike up the band for the ghosthunters, because I would not have guessed that I’d enjoy a book in this genre this much. It’s taking me forever because it’s on my kindle and I hate reading on my kindle, so I basically only do it while I am eating sushi, but there’s a plot development in chapter four that makes this book (to me anyway) seem very fresh and unexpected. And I love the heroine, Lydia Trinket.

So read her view on The Hobbit, and then check out The Ghost in the Canteen — currently $0.99 at amazon.

~ by Servetus on February 1, 2015.

2 Responses to “Jen finally gets around to seeing The Battle of the Five Armies”

  1. You are so kind for mentioning me, thank you! I think your man acquitted himself quite well in this picture. (Not that I expected less.) His face during that scene with the acorn made me very emotional. 🙂 Great cast for all the Hobbit movies and I think Armitage in particular brought so much more depth to Thorin than I expected to find in that character.


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