Richard Armitage is reading 1 Corinthians?

I guess now I have to buy this. Also Barrett Browning, Andrew Marvell, etc. Had we but world enough and time, babycakes …

~ by Servetus on February 9, 2015.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage is reading 1 Corinthians?”

  1. OMG…he’s going to read the “idol .eat” passage! World collision imminent!!


  2. I´d have liked him reading fom the KJB (I`ve got the edition of 2012), but the whole reading is great anyway…
    ‘Jonah loved his gourd , but wanted to die after the worm attacked it, and it withered’…
    I don´t get what you chuckle about with Jonah and his gourd. Any internal joke? I´m really curious 🙂


    • I wish he’d taken the KJV as well, although I think it uses “charity” instead of “love” and maybe that is why they didn’t pick it.

      I am not all that into love poetry, and the parts of the Bible I really like are the disaster stories. That’s why I referred to Jonah. I supposed Armitage could have chosen Song of Solomon — I’d love to hear “come kiss me with the kisses of your mouth” from his lips!


      • Ah, yes, I remember listening to biblical dramas on vinyl quite often as a child, the story of Elijah versus Baal priests was great.
        Yet imagining M. A reading the ‘Hoheslied’ of Solomon sends goosepumps over my whole body 🙂
        Sadly I don´t think readings from the Holy Scriptures would be to his own gusto.


        • I think you’re right, although he did read a Bible lesson at St Paul’s Cathedral, way back in the day, for a Christmas service.


  3. The KJV is my favourite I must admit, but I’ve recently switched to the New King James (NKJV) and it uses “love” instead of charity and I find it much easier to read, being in modern English. We had to learn the whole of that chapter in school using the KJV and I can still recite most of it by heart with only a little prompting here and there. Not too shabby after 60 plus years! 🙂

    Naturally I have already downloaded this from Audible!! 😉


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