Why Richard Armitage IS Francis Dolarhyde … and you should love him anyway, part 1 [guest post by @FrauVonElmDings]

[This post by @FrauVonElmDings found its way to me after some off-blog discussions last week. I have long been interested in systems of pattern recognition (and am starting to think that fandom may be one of them). It will appear in three parts. The normal comments policy — see sidebar — remains in force. I found what she has to say about Richard Armitage’s fans intriguing, but I know the topic of astrology is controversial. If you have vehement objections to it, please close this window and read some of the other recent posts. Astrology interpretative questions about details and comments are very welcome, but I would also ask commentators to avoid making pejorative comments about astrology as such, either from a scientific or a religious standpoint. These will be deleted. Thanks! — Serv]

Part one: An astrological journey into the dark – and back again

I’d like to thank Servetus for inviting me to do this guest-post (and editing me, as English is not my mother tongue). I like her blog because it deals with its favorite topic in a frank way. I discovered “me + richard armitage” in the first place when a certain British actor “entered” my life in a most unusual way. Ever since, I’ve experienced a side of myself I never thought I had. So now it’s time for the “fruit” of all that obsession to be born.

Over the past months, I have spent quite some time putting together and analyzing Mr. Armitage’s horoscope. As his latest choice of role (Francis Dolarhyde) generated a lack of understanding within large parts of his “Army,” I wanted to share my astrological discoveries with you. This essay’s title may be a bit sensational — of course Mr. A is NOT Francis Dolarhyde — but in part two, I’ll try to help readers find some similarities and thereby a better understanding of Mr. A’s potential motivation for choosing this particular role. And — for those who are open to it — in part three, I offer some insights about involvement in the whole fandom per se.

But in this first part, I would like to start with a few words on astrology. A long time ago, it was considered the “queen of sciences” and for a lot of people it still is. Astrology is as much a “science” as psychology and philosophy – it ideally takes a humanistic approach and should be used to help people along their path of life. It should not, however, be used to predict the future, as this is an illusion! But of course that’s what it was (and still is) often used for, and because such attempts are prone to failure, this misuse may be a reason for its current poor reputation.

My mother has been a professional astrologer for over thirty years now. She works in the style of the Swiss Huber School, founded in the 60s and based on Roberto Assagioli’s work of psychosynthesis (the foundation of modern psychology) combined with ancient astrological knowledge. Huber School astrology is not about predicting the future, but rather — I quote from their English site — “providing a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth.” The summary of their “Code of Ethics” is “The only acceptable goal of the astrological-psychological counsellor and teacher must be to increase the freedom of the person who is being counselled!” If you like, take a look.

From helping my mum with her work by drawing charts manually in my teens to discussing events and life stages with her, I’ve gained a lot of insight. She has far more experience than I, but she has always admired my “gut feelings,” so astrology was the place for me to go for answers, when I was hit — out of the blue — by an unexpected obsession manifesting in the form of a bearded (I really really don’t like beards) dwarf (I was always into big guys). Despite always being a dreamer and creative, I’m also a methodical, organized person (I studied architecture for 5 years). But as my life quickly turned toward chaos, I was desperate to get a grip on why this man was bothering me so badly. Me, working in the cinema/distribution business for over 12 years without ever asking someone “famous” for an autograph (well, except for the real one-and-only Darth Vader – that surely doesn’t count, right)? Me, in a happy, stable marriage for over 26 years? Me, thought to be always in total control of her emotions?

So, I went to draw up the man’s horoscope by using the technique of Age Progression in the rectification of his birth time. The Huber School sees the horoscope as a clock / calendar and by taking important times in Mr. A’s life combined with his behavior/interview statements, I tried to use it “backwards.” It’s really a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I was struggling with the final pieces for quite some time, but I think I’ve gotten it right now. I finally came up with 20:24 (or 08:24 pm) as time of birth, which (of course only if I’m right!) would also mean that the sign of his ascendant is Aries (Ram). So, double fire (his Leo Sun & Aries are both fire signs) and a Moon in calm, organized, methodical and humble earth sign Virgo.


[Click to enlarge.]

This is how it looks (the small numbers on the outside mark the years since his birth (75, 81, 87, and so on); the time of birth is on the AC; and from there we’ll begin his life’s journey counterclockwise around the chart. On the sides, I’ve added the charts as they would look like if he had been born at midnight (left) and at noon (right). Most of the planetary interaspects will be the same, apart from the most important, the Moon, which is moving very fast. But the way the planets are connected to the houses AC/2/3/IC/5/6/DC/8/9/MC/11/12, which represent our different stages / areas of life, are different in each picture. So to understand fully where someone’s strengths and weaker points may manifest in life (and help him make this knowledge useful for himself) it is crucial to have the exact time of birth.

Of course, I found something else. Suddenly it was very clear to me why there are so many really “obsessive” websites out there dedicated to him. This obvious, palpable obsession for the author’s “topic” reaches far beyond that of screaming teens over the “Backstreet Boys.” And it was exactly the feeling with which I’m trying to deal for nearly a year now. So, welcome to an astrological walk “on the dark side” that I hope will eventually bring a bit of enlightenment and peace of mind to some readers.

For readers who would like to be accompanied by a bit of music along the way, I chose this e-guitar piece by minimalist composer and lute-player, Jozef van Wissem, and indie-director, Jim Jarmusch, called “The Mystery of Heaven.” I had it on repeat for quite some time during my research. It is dark and also joyful, sometimes just painfully dissonant, has endings and new beginnings — just like life — so it fits the subject of all of this perfectly.

Pain is just the first step. First, we have to acknowledge and reflect on the intensity of our behavior when it comes to Mr. A. Looking to see whether he’s posted something new on twitter once a day might be the behavior of a casual fan — but some of us do so every waking hour (and check in on every other important fansite). Same goes for sending really personal letters or gifts to a person one hasn’t ever met in person, or having frequent conversations with this someone in one’s head (in my case, in a foreign language) or trying to find out his address. Mental health professionals might find such behavior suspect, and we’d be worried about ourselves if we acted like this toward an ex or a coworker.

So what is the force behind all this intense activity? If it comes to obsessive behavior, any “stargazer” would first take a close look at Pluto. In mythology Pluto (a/k/a Hades) is the god of the underworld. Not an evil guy, particularly, but obviously one on the darker side of life, er, well, more like afterlife. As I have a strong Pluto influence in my natal chart, he also happens to be my favorite Disney villain ever. And the priceless thing about it is, that this scene I just stumbled upon, taken from Hercules, in review just looks like Hades / Dolarhyde on his way to Mount Erebor: “We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. What do you say? Come on.”


For those interested in digging deeper into his ancient history there’s an interesting article about Pluto and Hades on Wikipedia. As reactive as he can be, Pluto is patient. Like: Really, really patient. He’s the sleeping volcano. He waits, watches and observes. He wants to understand fully the motivations and workings of his “targets,” and when he finally gets the full picture he strikes and doesn’t miss a beat. He can be quite frightening or destructive as well. Ring a bell? Mr A sounds rather Plutonian in many interviews:  Patient like “I’m very patient. I’d rather not have it, than have it too soon” and reactive as in “the kind of temper you can’t apologize for. Yep, the chair getting thrown out of the window.” And so are many members of his “Army.” Watching over his every step. Trying to find a meaning in everything he says. United in their possessive and protective feelings towards him. And reactive too! Make no mistake — these are very real feelings and not to be messed with! From reading some old interviews I take it there had been an incident in the past, when he’d said something about his “Army” and had somehow felt the need to apologize for doing so, very quickly afterwards [August 3, 2009].

[to Part Two.]

~ by Servetus on February 9, 2015.

23 Responses to “Why Richard Armitage IS Francis Dolarhyde … and you should love him anyway, part 1 [guest post by @FrauVonElmDings]”

  1. bye bye


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  4. If you are correct about the rectified time of birth, his ASC/Chiron exacts my Sun/trUranus, which explains my sudden interest (it
    was the very Plutonian Crucible performance that drew me in). While I have no moon/Pluto aspect with him, my Pluto/NN exacts his Mercury. His performances as of late, speak to me. I also have a 12th house moon/Nept/Scorpio ASC, so the Plutonian flavor of the characters he plays hasn’t been lost on me, nor have some of the statements he’s made. I always thought he might have a Scorpio (his eyes, some of his statements & preference for seclusion) or Capricorn (devotion to work/style of dress) ASC. The mask he wears in public doesn’t “feel” Aries to me, but I’m probably wrong.

    Thank you for such an interesting post. I’ve always loved the psychological aspect of astrology. It’s one of the interests that I’ve decided to finally come out of the closet with, especially in terms of my family, who doesn’t speak of such things.


    • I’m probably wrong too 😉
      Scorpio rising eyes are often very dark. I think his intense eyes are from Pluto/Moon. Leah Whitehorse explains about the eyes in her (linked) post.
      I think he looks like an Aries: strong nose, brows, little scars on the forehead from cuttiing himself with a sword …
      Plus I found some really interesting material about Chiron conjunct the AC in my research: many people with this aspect feature prominent noses and are quite unhappy with them (a topic more than one time expressed from Mr A himself) and some stated to have grown to their full height in their early teens and have extremely troubled by this too (Mr A said at some point that at age 14 he grew up to his full height and was really uncomfortable with this, as no one regards you as a boy anymore, when you’r over 6 foot tall). I haven’t much experience with Nessus, but he is to be found on this place in the chart. Some astrologer said, Nessus shows the part where we are abused, or something essential is taken from us. Nessus is square to his moon (the inner child), so in this case maybe it manifested in the fact that his childhood was taken from him.


    • Just one other note about the Aries ascendant:
      his often “dorkish” and “goofy” but also verey energetic demeanor (despite obviously being a deep thinker) would fit more to Aries than to Sagittarius or Scorpio imho.
      Mr A’s impact on me might arise from the fact, that his Moon/Pluto falls into my first house, as I have ascendant Virgo (also with Pluto in my first house square my Moon in Gemini in 10th, both connected to my Sun in Aquarius) and in this case you’d better confront the whole situation instead of running screaming for the hills… 😉


  5. er, … I meant “… than to Capricorn or Scorpio” … I think his Virgo Moon is the one responsible for any earnest, down to earth behavior.


  6. Nadia, I agree about the Virgo moon. When I first saw interviews with him, before I knew his birthdate, I though “Virgo”.

    Nadia, you may be right about the Aries ascendent. I was reading a Stephen Forrest book last night and something he said about Aries rising stuck out: “Many people with Aries rising come to learn…that their Arian “vibrations” frighten people, and that they must make an effort to reassure their partners that they are not as dangerous or angry as they seem.” We’ve heard that before.

    Forrest also uses the mountain climbing metaphor to describe the Aries need to learn courage by repeatedly putting itself into situations that it fears and then overcoming those fears. We’ve heard that, too.

    Finally, I’m thinking about the Aries archetypes: the warrior, the survivor, the pioneer, the daredevil. He keeps taking roles that are variations of those symbolic archetypes.


    • Right. Aries has quite some temper too. My father and sister are both Aries with Sagittarius rising … sometimes you’d think the roof was on fire 😉


    • As his Mars is conjunct his North Node, his task in this life would be to develop his Mars qualities … find things important for him and fight for them. As Mars is the ruler of Aries, this would be doubled through Aries rising in his case. And he seems to struggle with that a lot … I think at some point he said that he’s “a hopeless people pleaser” or something like that and he doesn’t like confrontation.


      • That Mars/NN conjunction is in Aquarius/11th suggests to me that those qualities and energies be developed though group causes (the collective) or by learning to harness the group/collective into supporting those causes. I see that being expressed through the collectiveness of theatre/acting/music.

        Grand trine in air with the Mars- NN/Uranus/Saturn. A disciplined, interesting mind. If the Ascendent is correct, he certainly has a packed 6th house.


  7. Thank you so much! But the real expert is my mum 🙂


  8. What I tend to find interesting about this is the multitude of cultural associations (synchronicity) that come up when we look at something from a very different angle in order to make sense of it. I don’t know that I can appreciate all this detail but I do appreciate that a lot of work went into it.


  9. Thank you 🙂 in a way it was quite difficult to write this … trying to keep all the astrological expressions still understandable for newbies and the theory level as low as possible … this whole post is really only skimming the surface when it comes to detail 😉
    I’m always trying to see things from different points of view, to get the whole picture. Not only astrological (as it’s a mere hobby), this really came in handy in every work I did so far (cinema/distribution, studying architecture and my current business) – as there’s always lot to coordinate and very different people working on the same project, who need to get along with each other 😉


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