Rubbish: Richard Armitage on his vocal warmup


~ by Servetus on February 11, 2015.

11 Responses to “Rubbish: Richard Armitage on his vocal warmup”

  1. Und der Tweet dazu hat den tag #guiltypleasure …

    Bestimmt sollte das i ein y sein. 😀


  2. 😀 I love this clown!


  3. Tut tut Rich…no need to dis the hair band rock anthem…there are multiple octave vocals in both those trax and more fun than “mimimimimi. Lalalalala.” 😉


  4. Wow. Livin’ On a Prayer would be quite high for him, wouldn’t it?


  5. What ever happened to scales, I still have memories of my music teacher going on and on about vocal warmups and scales. Now as I am older I do get what she was going on about.


  6. Love in an Elevator, I could almost picture this. Living on a Prayer, though… I’d pay money to hear that one. The very thought sends me off into giggles.


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