The first spReAd the love book challenge post is up! Will you review and donate?

The first 2015 spReAd the love challenge for fans of Richard Armitage was made recently — to write about, and donate, one of your favorite children’s books! If you would like to join the challenge, please let me know and you can use my blog for a guest post.


spread the love

The first review is of The Little Witch (Die kleine Hexe), a favorite twentieth-century children’s book in Germany, which is less known outside the country nowadays, although it was translated into 55 languages in the 1950s and 1960s.

img_1629Learn about the little witch, and give her some love, here! (The post is in English and German and the author will reply to comments in either language.)

The post is by fellow Richard Armitage fan suzy, who blogs at silverbluelining. I enjoy her blog a lot — it includes commentary on popular German cultural events and bands, but also (this is the part I enjoy the best) on music she’s liked over the years. One of the things that continues to astound me about the US/European divide is that although we all lived through the same years and the same international music culture together, there are still so many things I’ve missed. And I’m always learning about them from Suzy.

Along with her post, to spReAd the love, Suzy donated a graphic novel version of The Hobbit. Check her post out!

Tomorrow we’ll have a guest post from Runa on one of her favorite children’s books: A Monster Calls. Sounds scary! Can’t wait!


indedxIn honor of Suzy’s post, I have donated a copy of The Boxcar Children, a tremendously popular twentieth-century children’s novel, to this library. My spReAd the love posts are made in honor of the Golden Learning Centre Library in Balmertown, Ontario, Canada. If you are looking for someone who needs a book, ou can donate to this library from their amazon wishlist, here!

~ by Servetus on March 2, 2015.

10 Responses to “The first spReAd the love book challenge post is up! Will you review and donate?”

  1. Reblogged this on Ancient Armitage.


  2. I donated a book to the Golden Learning Centre Library about Pirates from their wishlist, and The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken for my nieces. Thanks for giving me an excuse to give the gift of books!


  3. Wow, ‘Die kleine Hexe’ , written by one of Germany’s favourite children book authors and best known for ‘Der Raeuber Hotzenplotz’ and ‘Das Kleine Gespenst’ , also availabe on vinyl audiobook (I loved listening to them in the 70’s).


    • I found out while writing this post that Die Räuber Hotzenplotz (which I had not read, but which my German friends refer to all the time) was also by Preußler — had not known that.


  4. Thank you Serv, I am speechless! ❤
    You like the music?….. 😉
    I don´t know “the boxcar children”, but now it is on my list for the “upcoming reading books”
    and I am very curious about the “Monster calls” tomorrow!
    The spReAd the love book challenge is a wonderful idea!!!


    • Thanks for your participation!

      I find so often that people my same age in Germany have totally different “aural histories” than I have and so I love it when people recommend stuff from our common eras … really thought provoking.


  5. So I must be incredibly stubborn because I am still on the wait list for the pirate book and may be there indefinitely. I just want to make sure the kids get something. In case they end up cancelling the order on me, I’m going to donate another with the pirates as a bonus if it ever goes through.


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